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Origin (Etymology) of the Word DOUCETTE by Bill Doucette

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1. A word was spoken before ever written.
2. The spelling of the word is not important due to the different dialects (tribes) which later on gave different spellings of the same word.
3. The pronunciation & number of syllables are important.
4. The word must be an old word (one which describes something for the first time.

DOU CETTE = two syllables

Prefix: DOU, DO, DU = A, The

Suffix: TE at the end of word = The French feminine quality of the Noun (a person or thing)

Noun = CET = root word for CETACEAN (CET. Latin = Whales)

Cetacean = belonging to the cetacea, an order of aquatic, chiefly marine mammals, including wales, porpoises, etc.

French meaning of the word Doucette/Doucet

A gentle person
A small or little gentle person

Substitute Person with Mammal!


Are whales and porpoises considered gentle mammals of the sea?

I believe they did among our earliest ancestors, and we as mammals, who lived by the sea, were described as Doucette's for the first time.