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Index of Names - Ro to T
Updated 10/28/2014

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Roach		Alexandre	Deveau		Marie Esther	Spouse
Roach		Angelique	Arsenault	Pierre		Spouse	
Roach		Angelique	Muise		Jean Francois	Child	
Roach		Esther		Muise		Joshua		Child	
Roach		Eugene		Doucet		Suzanne		Spouse	
Roach		Eusebe		Chiasson	Marie		Child	
Roach		Eusebe		Deveau		Emelie		Child	
Roach		Felecite	Doucet		Calixte Valere	Spouse	Parent
Roach		Felicien	Chiasson	Esther		Child	
Roach		Felicite	Doucet		Calixte Valere	Spouse	Parent
Roach		Frederick	Deveau		Henriette	Spouse
Roach		Frederick	Doucet		Luce		Spouse	
Roach		Henri		Doucet		Marie Justine	Spouse	
Roach		Henriette	Muise		Calixte		Child	
Roach		Henriette	Muise		Calixte		Spouse	
Roach		Hubert		Doucet		Justine		Spouse	Parent
Roach		Joe		Gaudet		Velda		Spouse	Parent
Roach		Joseph		Bourgeois	Charlotte  	Spouse	Parent
Roach		Julie Maureen	LeFevre		Frank Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Roach		Louis		Doucet		Louise		Spouse	
Roach		Louise		Doucet		Calixte		Spouse	
Roach		Louise		Doucet		John Francis	Spouse	
Roach		Luce		Muise		Victor		Child	
Roach		Madeleine Petronille				Child	
Roach		Mary		Young		James		Spouse	Parent
Roach		Mary Anne	Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	
Roach		Mary Lillian	Aucoin		Firmin Patrice	Spouse	
Roach		Mathilde	Doucet		Elie (Alex)	Spouse	Parent
Roach		Matilda		Doucet		Elias		Spouse	Parent
Roach		Matilda		Doucet		Alex		Spouse	Parent
Roach		Melanie		Doucet		Hubert		Spouse	Parent
Roach		Patrick		Doucet		Catherine  	Spouse	
Roach		Patrick  	Aucoin		Domitile Delire	Spouse	
Roach		Paul						Child
Roach		Pepin		Doucet		Louise		Spouse	
Roach		Rosalie						Child	
Roach		Stanislaus	Doucet		Elizabeth	Spouse	
Roach 		Thomas 		Doucet 		Donatille 	Spouse
Robarge		Louise S	Bourgeois	Francis		Spouse	Parent
Robb		Owen		Doucet		Patricia Mae	Spouse	
Robbin		Angel						Child	
Robbin		Annie J		Doucette	Peter		Spouse	Parent
Robbin		Monica Lynn 					Child	
Robbin		Phillip		Daigle		Juanita		Spouse	Parent
Robbin		Sherry						Child	
Robbin		Sonny						Child	
Robbins		Lane		Thibodeaux	Rachel Ann	Spouse	Parent
Robbins		Taylor Ann					Child	
Roberi		Martha		Doucet		Alexandre Regil	Spouse	Parent
Roberie		Elmira		Doucet		Alexandre Regil	Spouse	Parent
Roberie		Marie Brunie	Fontenot	John Napoleon	Spouse	Parent
Roberie		Trudy Ann	Doucet		Kirney Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Robert		Cash						Child	
Robert		Delima		Dupuis		Eusebe		Spouse	Parent
Robert		Mitzi Jane	Daigle		Abby Gill	Spouse	Parent
Robert		Paul Joseph	Doucet		Lucille Blanche	Spouse	Parent
Robert		Ronnie  	Daigle		Tana		Spouse	Parent
Robert		Tristan						Child	
Robert		Wade  						Child	
Roberts		Christopher Nathan				Child	
Roberts		Eliza 		Young		George		Spouse	Parent
Roberts		Henry		Doucette	Annie		Spouse	
Roberts		Imo Marie	Doucet		Joseph Poleg	Spouse	Parent
Roberts		Jackson Dale					Child	
Roberts		Kyle Alexander					Child	
Roberts		Linda		Patterson	Wayne		Spouse	
Roberts		Mary Ellen	Young		James		Spouse	Parent
Roberts		Olivia		Young		George		Spouse	Parent
Roberts		Ruth Elizabeth	Doucette	George Earl	Spouse	Parent
Roberts		Warren David	Doucet		Sarah Blackburn	Spouse	Parent
Robertson	Aaron Todd					Child
Robertson	Helene		Doucet		Dominique	Spouse	Parent
Robertson	Jean		Gervais		Marcel		1Spouse	Parent
Robertson	Marie		Blanchard	Kenneth		Spouse
Robertson	Marie		Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Robertson	Terrence	Young		Winifred	Spouse	
Robery		Pauline		Doucet		Theodule	Spouse	Parent 
Robichaud	Alex		Doucet		Anne Elizabeth	Spouse
Robichaud	Alexandre	Daigle		Apolline	Spouse	
Robichaud	Alexandre	Daigle		Apolline	Child	
Robichaud	Alexandre	Melanson	Anne		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Alexandre	Robichaud	Isabelle	Spouse	
Robichaud	Alvin 						Child
Robichaud	Amable		Dugas		Anastasie	Child	Parent
Robichaud	Amable		Dugas		Anastasie	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Anastasie	Richard		Placide		Child	
Robichaud	Anastasie	Richard		Placide		Spouse
Robichaud	Andre						Child	
Robichaud	Angeline Magdel	Hebert		Jean Charles	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Anne Blanche	Arsenault	Jean Baptiste	Child	
Robichaud	Anne Blanche	Daigle		Pierre Luc	Spouse	
Robichaud	Anne Blanche	Daigle		Pierre Luc	Child	
Robichaud	Anne Marie	Melanson	Jean		Child	
Robichaud	Anne Marie	Vautour		Pierre (Joseph)	Child 	
Robichaud	Anne Theodose					Child	
Robichaud	Anselme		Surette		Marie		Child	
Robichaud	Apollonie	Cormier		Michel		Child	
Robichaud	Casimir		Doucet		Scholastique	Child	
Robichaud	Casimir		Doucet		Scholastique Co	Spouse	
Robichaud	Catherine	Doucet		Ange Francois	Spouse	Parent
Robichaux	Celesia		Simoneaux	Reulio Hypolito	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Celeste						Child	
Robichaud	Charles		Babineau	Anne		Child	Parent
Robichaud	Charlotte	Daigle		Francois Joseph	Spouse	
Robichaud	Charlotte	Daigle		Francois Joseph	Child	
Robichau	Charlotte	Doucet		Michel		Spouse	Parent 
Robichaud	Christine					Child	
Robichaud	Clair Felicite	Leger		Jean Baptiste	Child 	
Robichaud	Claire		Hebert		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	
Robichaud	Claire						Child	
Robichaud	Dominique  	Babineau	Marie		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Dosithe		St Pierre	Priscilla Tarzi	Child	Parent
Robichaud	Edouard						Child	
Robicheau	Emily		Doucette	John		Spouse
Robichaud	Firmin						Child	
Robichaud	Florent						Child	
Robichaud	Francois Joseph	Babineau	Adelaide	Child	
Robichaud	Francois Joseph	Babineau	Adelaide	Spouse	
Robichaud	Francoise	Dugas		Pierre		Child	
Robichaud	Francoise					Child	
Robichaud	Frank  						Child
Robichaud	Frederic	Daigle		Anne Marie	Spouse	
Robichaud	Frederic	Daigle		Anne Marie	Child	
Robichaud	Frederic					Child	
Robichaud	Gail		Doucet		Eugere		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Gregoire	Blanchard	Agnes		Child	
Robichaud	Henri		LeBlanc		Madeleine	Child	
Robichaud	Henriette	Daigle		Jean Jacob	Spouse	
Robichaud	Henriette	Daigle		Jean Jacob	Child	
Robichaud	Henriette	Mazerolle	Simon		Child	
Robichaud	Henriette	Robichaud	Jean Baptiste	Spouse	
Robichaud	Hubert		Thibodeau	Helene		Child	
Robichaud	Isabelle	Robichaud	Alexandre	Child	
Robichaud	Isadore		Boudreau	Marguerite	Child	Parent
Robichaud	Isadore Tiburce				1870	Child
Robichaud	Jacques						Child	
Robichaud	Jacques Cyrille	Arsenault	Marguerite	Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Jacques Cyrille	Arsenault	Marguerite	Spouse	Parent
Robicheau	Jarvais		Doucet		Marie Catherine	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Jasmine		Arsenault	Ronald		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Jean		Cormier		Henriette	Child	
Robichaud	Jean		Jaillet		Marie		Child	
Robichaud	Jean Baptiste	Cyr		Felicite	Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Jean Baptiste	Cyr		Felicite	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Jean Baptiste	LeBlanc		Marie Marthe	Child	
Robichaud	Jean Baptiste	Robichaud	Henriette	Child	
Robichaud	Jean Baptiste					Child	
Robichaud	Jean Chrysostom	Doucet		Marie Magdelene	Spouse	Parent
Robicheau	Jean Damien	Doucet		Justine		Spouse
Robichaud	Jean Hilarion				1872	Child
Robichaud	Jean Isadore	Bourgeois	Marie		Spouse	
Robichaud	Jean Isadore	Bourgeois	Marie		Child 	
Robichaud	Jean Louis	Gauthier	Claire Nathalie	Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Jean Maxime	Doucet		Marie Luce	Child 	Parent
Robicheau	Jessie		Doucette	Mary Eleanor	Spouse
Robichaud	Joseph		Babineau	Marguerite	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Joseph		Forest		Marie		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Joseph		LeBlanc		Claire		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Joseph		Michel		Marie		Child	
Robichaud	Joseph		Petitpas	Anne		Child 	
Robichaud	Joseph		Petitpas	Charlotte	Child	
Robichaud	Joseph Seraphin				1865	Child
Robichaud	Joseph Servan	Bourque	Marguerite Pelagie	Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Jules Victorin				1868	Child
Robichaud	Julie		Richard		Paul		Child	
Robichaud	Julie		Richard		Paul		Spouse	
Robichaud	Lazare		Daigle		Luce		Child	
Robichaud	Lazare		Daigle		Luce		Spouse	
Robichaud	Lazare		LeBlanc		Marie		Child	
Robichaud	Lazare		LeBlanc		Marie		Spouse	
Robichaud	Leon		Dugas		Blanche		Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Louis		Bourgeois	Jeanne		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Louis Vincent				1879	Child
Robichaud	Luc		Petitpas	Marguerite	Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Lucius					1867	Child
Robichaud	Madeleine	Hebert		Jean Charles	Spouse	
Robichaud	Madeleine Henri	Gray		Jean		Child	
Robichaud	Marcel						Child 	
Robichaud	Marguerite	Cormier		Israel		Child	
Robichaud	Marguerite	Cormier		Basile		Child	
Robichaud	Marguerite	Dugas		Joseph		Child	Parent
Robichaud	Marguerite	Dugas		Joseph		Spouse	
Robichaud	Marguerite	Gautreau	Honore		Child	
Robichaud	Marguerite	Hebert		Claude		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Marguerite	Leger		Etienne		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Marguerite	Mazerolle	Pierre		Child 	
Robichaud	Marguerite					Child	
Robichaud	Marguerite					Child 	
Robichaud	Marguerite					Child	
Robichaud	Marguerite Fran	Richard		Louis		Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Marguerite Pela	Richard		Pierre		Child	Parent
Robichaud	Marguerite Ursule				Child	
Robicheau	Marie		Doucet		Michel Magloire	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Marie		Dugas		Charles		Spouse	
Robichaud	Marie Anne	Daigle		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	
Robichaud	Marie Anne	Daigle		Jean Baptiste	Child	
Robichaud	Marie Anne					Child	
Robichaud	Marie Blanche	Daigle		Olivier		Spouse	
Robichaud	Marie Blanche	Daigle		Oliver 	 	Child	Parent
Robichaud	Marie Blanche	Daigle		Frederic	Child	
Robichaud	Marie Blanche	Daigle		Frederic	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Marie Charlotte				1877	Child
Robichaud	Marie Elizabeth				1884	Child
Robichaud	Marie Esther	Allain		Michel		Child	
Robichaud	Marie Esther					Child	
Robichaud	Marie Francoise	Richard		Michel		Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Marie Jeanne	Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Marie Josephe	Bourgeois	Mathurin	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Marie Josephe	Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Marie Josephe	LeGendre	Abraham		Child	
Robichaud	Marie Madeleine	Doucet		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Marie Madeleine	Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Marie Nathalie	Daigle		Jean Louis	Spouse	
Robichaud	Marie Nathalie	Daigle		Jean Louis	Child 	
Robichaud	Marie Rose	Daigle		Fabien		Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Marthe Elisabet	Mazerolle	Simon		Child 	
Robeshaw	Mary		Doucette	John		Spouse
Robichaud	Mary		Doucett		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Maxime						Child	
Robichaud	Maxine		Doucet		Marie Luce	Spouse	
Robichaud	Michel		Landry		Marguerite Fran	Child	Parent
Robichaud	Michel		Petitpas	Therese		Child 	
Robichaud	Michel		Vautour		Helene		Child 	
Robichaud	Modeste		Chevarie	Isidore		Child	
Robichaud	Modeste						Child	
Robichaud	Monique		LeBlanc		Oliver 	 	Child	
Robichaud	Nathalie	Mazerolle	Louis		Child	
Robichaud	Nicolas		Blanchard	Marguerite	Child	
Robichaud	Norbert		Doucet		Anne Marie	Child	
Robichaud	Norbert		Doucet		Anne		Spouse	
Robichaud	Norbert		Martin		Victoire	Child	
Robichaud	Norbert		Martin		Victoire	Spouse	
Robichaud	Olive Victoire	Bernard		Issac		Child 	
Robichaud	Oliver		Hebert		Marie Madeleine	Spouse	
Robichaud	Othon		Thibodeau	Marie Louise	Child	Parent
Robicheaux	Paul		Doucet		Marie Delphina	Spouse	
Robichaud	Paul Andre	Babin		Euphosine	Child 	
Robichaud	Paul Francois				1874	Child
Robichaud	Paulette Marie	Estey		Paul Lee	Spouse	Parent
Robicheau	Peter/Pierre	Muise		Rose	1857e	Child
Robicheau	Peter/Pierre	unknown		unknown	1857e	Child
Robichaud	Pierre		Arsenault	Blanche		Child	
Robichaud	Pierre		Arsenault	Blanche		Spouse	
Robichaud	Pierre		Arseneau	Elizabeth Isabe	Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Pierre		Bourgeois	Marie Madeleine	Spouse	
Robichaud	Pierre		Daigle		Anne		Child	Parent
Robichaud	Pierre		Daigle		Anne		Spouse	
Robichaud	Pierre		Mazerolle	Marie Josephe	Child 	
Robichaud	Pierre		Michel		Anne		Child	Parent
Robichaud	Pierre Cyrille	Richard		Anne		Child 	
Robichaud	Pierre Cyrille	Richard		Anne		Spouse	
Robichaud	Pierre Ignace	Richard		Marie Blanche	Child 	Parent
Robichaud	Pierre Prime					Child	
Robichaud	Prudent		Bourgeois	Francoise	Spouse	
Robichaud	Prudent		Richard		Marie Josephe	Child	
Robichaud	Rebecca		Babin		Raphael		Child	
Robichaud	Rosalie		LeBlanc		Edward		Spouse	
Robichaud	Rose		Daigle		Fabien		Spouse	
Robichaud	Seraphine					Child	
Robichaud	Sophie		Richard		Frederic	Child	
Robichaud	Sophie		Richard		Frederic	Spouse	
Robichaud	Susanne		Quellet		Michel		Child	
Robichaud	Susanne		Richard		Raymond		Spouse	
Robichaud	Susanne  	Richard		Raymond		Child	
Robichaud	Sylvestre					Child	
Robichaud	Theotiste	Richard		Raphael		Child	
Robichaud	Ursule		Doucet		Germain		Child	
Robichaud	Ursule		Doucet		Germain		Spouse	Parent
Robichaud	Venerande	Allain		Pierre		Child	
Robichaud	Venerande					Child	
Robichaud	Venerande					Child	
Robichaud	Villebon					Child	
Robidas		Zoe		Doucet		Moyse		Spouse	
Robideaux	Clifton Charles	Sarvaunt	Bernice Ruth	Spouse	Parent
Robideaux	Cynthia Marie	Weiss		Steven M	Child	Parent
Robideaux	Dolores Ann	Burk		Jamey Maynard	Child	Parent
Robideaux	Dolores Ann	Dibble		Thomas Edward	Child	Parent
Robideaux	Karen Elizabeth					Child	
Robillard	Pierre		Doucet		Domithilde	Spouse
Robin		Nolon		Bellard		Wanda		Spouse	
Robinson	Alberta		Arsenault	Clarence	Spouse	Parent
Robinson	Alma Luella	Lafount		Harold Arundel	Child
Robinson	Charles Edward	Berry		Rosetta Mary	Child	Parent
Robinson	Corwin						Child	
Robinson	Dan		Blanchard	Shirley		Spouse	
Robinson	Ken 		DesRoches	Marlene		Spouse	Parent
Robinson	Lewis Seth	Duzette		Clarissa MinervaSpouse	Parent
Robinson	Mary		Doucette	James		Spouse	Parent
Robinson	Matt						Child	
Robinson	Maurice		Champagne	Suzanne		Spouse	Parent
Robinson	Olivia						Child	
Robinson	Richard Wayne	Gatte		Donna Louise	Spouse	Parent
Robinson	Sarah						Child	
Robinson	Shanna						Child	
Robinson	Tamara						Child 	
Robinson	Taylor  					Child	
Robinson	Theodore	Stodder		Leah Rena	Spouse	Parent
Roby		Marie Rose	Doucet		Antoine		Spouse	Parent
Rocha		James		Shanks		Vicki Lynn	Spouse	
Rocheleau	Delphis		Doucette	Ermine		Spouse	
Rocheleau	Honore		Doucet		Victorine	Spouse
Rocheleau	Ludger		Doucette	Georgina	Spouse	
Rochford	Tracy		Gaudet		Rodney		Spouse
Rockett		David James	Zeigler		Suzanne		Spouse	Parent
Rockett		Dustin Shane					Child	
Rodak		Ashley Marie					Child	
Rodak		David Anthony					Child	
Rodak		Michael Peter					Child	
Rodak		Randall Raymond	Couillard	Linda Anne	Child	Parent
Rodak		Randall Raymond	Ligman		Linda Carol	Child	Parent
Rodak		Rhonda Renee	Kurczewski	Richard Edward	Child	Parent
Rodak		Richard Robert	Doucette	Aimee Elva	Spouse	Parent
Rodak		Richard Robert	Wagner		Marilyn		Child	Parent
Rodak		Robert Regis	Egan		Margaret	Child	Parent
Rodak		Ronald Roland					Child	
Rodak		Sarah Ann					Child	
Rodrique	Alex 		Marroy 		Clara Ida	Spouse	
Rody		Phillip		Doucette	Germaine  	Spouse
Roe		Mary Ann	Doucet		Michael Keith	Spouse	Parent
Rogan		Irene		Doucet		Raymond		Spouse	
Rogan		Rose 		Doucet		Ludovic		Spouse	
Roger		Alexina		Doucet		Paulus		Spouse	Parent
Roger		Bridget		Doucet		Romualde	Spouse	Parent
Roger		Cecile						Child	
Roger		Felix		Clement		Therese		Spouse	Parent
Roger		Francois	LeBlanc		Marguerite	Child	Parent
Roger		Francois	Thibodeaux	Marie Melanie	Child	Parent
Roger		Francois	Thibodeaux	Marie Melanie	Spouse	Parent
Roger		Joseph		Dugas		Anastasia	Spouse	Parent
Roger		Joseph		Gary		Eulalie		Spouse	
Roger		Marie Edmonia	Thibodeaux	Joseph Louis	Child	Parent
Roger		Marie Elizabeth	Doucet		Francois	Spouse	Parent
Rogers		Alaina Nicole					Child	
Rogers		Blake Matthew					Child
Rogers		Christina 	Bertrand	Curtis 		Child	Parent
Rogers		Clanie		Esthay		Margaret Ann	Spouse
Rogers		Donald Ray	Comeaux		Beatrice	Spouse	Parent
Rogers		John		Doucet		Blanche		Spouse	
Rogers		John Rossell	Gallagher	Janet Ann	Spouse	Parent
Rogers		John Rossell	Powell		Sharon		Child
Rogers		Joette		Van Horn	Drew		Child	
Rogers		Joette		Story		Douglas T	Child
Rogers		Lance Alan					Child
Rogers		Laris Darrell	Doucet		Therese Geraldi	Spouse	Parent
Rogers		Lillian		Doucet		Patrick Ignace	Spouse	
Rogers		Mabel Marie	Cormier		Alfred Patrick	Spouse	Parent
Rogers		Michael 	Mullin		Jacqueline MarieSpouse	Parent
Rogers		Phillip Alan	Benoit		Kim Lenee'	Spouse	Parent
Rogers		Preston						Child	
Rogers		Sondra 		Whitington	Harold Jr 	Child	Parent
Rogers		William		Doucett		Martha Ann	Spouse
Rolland		Simone Raymonde	Doucet		Louis Ange	Spouse	Parent
Romain		Sally		LaVergne	Lionel Adam	Spouse	Parent
Romaine		George Zachary	Doucette	Elizabeth Ada	Spouse	
Roman		Gene Paul					Child
Romano		Bryan		Doucet		Donna Lynn	Spouse 	Parent
Romano		Philip Austin					Child	
Romard		Henritette	Doucet		Simon		Spouse	Parent
Romard		Marguerite Rose	Deveau		Frederick	Spouse	Parent
Romard		Patrick		Doucet		Luce		Spouse	
Romero		Chris Anthony	Gary		Deidre Agatha	Spouse	Parent
Romero		Christen					Child	
Romero		Elmire		Doucet		Francois Baltha	Spouse	Parent
Romero		Euchariste	Theriot		Auguste		Spouse	
Romero		James  		Bearb		Sherry		Spouse	
Romero		Michael Chris	Neal		Selina Ashley	Spouse	Parent
Romero		Nicholas Ian					Child	
Romero		Tai Ashlyn					Child 	
Romero		Ulge		Guillory	Onora		Spouse	
Romero		Venance		Doucet		Marie Odile	Spouse	
Romero		Vital Romar	Guillory	Octavie 	Spouse	
Rondeau		Hermine		Doucet		Jean Camille	Spouse	
Rondeau		Hermine		Doucet		Joseph Camille	Spouse	Parent
Rondilone	Angelina	Gaudet		Joseph Paul	Spouse	
Roniger		Cindy Sue	Zavala		Claudio Mario	Child	Parent
Roniger		Donna Lynn	Russo		David Philip	Child	Parent
Roniger		Edwin Donelly	Comeaux		Zola May	Spouse	Parent
Roniger		Kerry Susan	Hunt		Paul J		Child 	Parent
Roome		Janice		Comeau		John Louis	Spouse	
Rosa		Alvon		Gary		Agnes		Spouse	
Rosales		Cristina 	Doucet		LeMonte Aundre 	Spouse	Parent
Rosberry	Nancy		Doucet		Cyrille		Spouse	Parent
Rose		Janet Marie	Gatte		Shannon Jean	Spouse
Rose 		George Charles	Langlois	Vivian Marie	Spouse	
Rosenberg	Danielle					Child	
Rosenberg	Denise Eileen	Betsch		Michael Thomas	Child	
Rosenberg	Gerald Hugh	Doucette	Elaine Marie	Spouse	Parent
Rosenberg	Marc Justin					Child	
Rosenberg	Michelle Marie	Updegrove	Robert John	Child	Parent
Rosplock	Brian Gerard					Child	Parent
Rosplock	John						Child	
Rosplock	John Stanley	Doucette	Adrienne Joan	Spouse	Parent
Rosplock	Kenneth George					Child	
Rosplock	Mark John	Razek		Barbara Ann	Child	Parent
Rosplock	Stephanie Joan					Child	
Rosplock	Vicki		Kiddey		David		Child	Parent
Ross		Genevieve	Ryan		Basil 		Child	
Ross		Hermin		Doucet		Jewells		Spouse	Parent
Ross		James		LeJeune		Maria Henriette	Spouse	Parent
Ross		Jeanette	Doucette	Sylvio		Spouse	Parent
Ross		John 						Child	
Ross		Joseph		Burton		Sarah		Child	
Ross		Mary Barbara					Child	
Ross		Rebecca R	Doucet		Samuel Paul	Spouse	
Rossa		Rebecca		Miller		Wesley		Spouse 	Parent
Rossi		Victor		Perry		Pamela Denise	Spouse 	Parent
Roster		Genevieve	Devoe		John Brooks	Spouse	Parent
Roszell		Ashley						Child	
Roszell		Travis						Child	
Roszell		Trevor		Champagne	Monique		Spouse	Parent
Rougeau		Katina Ann	Crochet		Robert Shane	Spouse	Parent
Rountree	Frank		Doucet		Ora		Spouse
Rouseau		Cleonise Estell	Bergeron	Jean Baptiste	Spouse	
Rousseau	Alfred		Doucet		Marie		Spouse	Parent
Rousseau	Candice M					Child	
Rousseau	Paul		Carrier		Esther		Child 	Parent
Rousseau	Phebee		Doucet		Charles		Spouse
Roussel		Gabrielle					Child
Roussel		Josianne					Child
Roussel		Richard		Saulnier	Clair		Spouse	Parent
Roussell	George		Doucette	Exilda		Spouse
Roussell	Marie Gilberte	Doucet		Theodore Alfred	Spouse 	Parent
Roussi		Elizabeth	Chiasson	Paul		Spouse	Parent
Routledge	Irene		Doucet		Dominick Anselm	Spouses	Parent
Rowe		Bryan 						Child	
Rowe/Reault	Charles		Jesso	 	Sarah Belle	Spouse	
Rowe		Dean 		Simmons		Twana 		Spouse	Parent
Rowe		Henry						Child
Rowe		Joey 						Child	
Rowe		Melanie 					Child	
Rowe		Sarah  						Child
Rowell		Callie Alyse					Child	
Rowell		Michael		Kimball		Jo Nell		Spouse	Parent
Rowland		Daniel Lee					Child	 
Rowland		Ronald		Cormier		Carol Jean	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Abel		Doucette	Dale		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Alice		Doucet		Frederic 	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Alphe		Doucet		Brigitte AlphedaSpouse	Parent
Roy		Andre						Child	
Roy		Ange Albert	Doucet		Rachel		Spouse	
Roy		Anna		Doucet		Philippe	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Annette		Doucette	Ernest 		Spouse	
Roy		Annette		Ritter		Jude		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Appolinaire	Doucet		Delima		Spouse
Roy		April						Child	
Roy		Arthur		Doucet		Dorice		Spouse	
Roy		Arthur		Doucet		Emelie		Spouse
Roy		Bianca		Audet		Luc		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Boniface	Doucet		Yolande		Spouse
Roy		Camille						Child	
Roy		Celima						Child 	
Roy		Charles		Chauvette	Marie Charlotte	Child	Parent
Roy		Charles		LeJeune		Marguerite	Spouse	
Roy		Charles Abraham	Terriot		Marie		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Charles Bonifac	Martin		Helene		Spouse	
Roy		Claude						Child	
Roy		Darla		LeJeune		Russell J	Spouse	Parent
Roy		David						Child	
Roy		Debra  		Duplantis	Mike		Child	
Roy		Della						Child	
Roy		Denis		Audet		Anne		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Edwin C.	LaFontaine	Marie Emelia	Child
Roy		Emma		Doucette	Edward		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Ernest Lynn	Fontenot	Pam 		Child	
Roy		Flore		Doucet		Odilon		Spouse
Roy		Frank		Doucet		Emerentina	Spouse	
Roy		Genevieve	Fournier	Jean		Child	Parent
Roy		George		Doucet  	Adelaide	Spouse
Roy		Gertrude P	Doucet		Charles Polycar	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Ginette		Doucet		David 		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Guy 						Child	
Roy		Helene		Comeau		Edmund		Child
Roy		Henriette					Child	
Roy-Lauzon	Hermaline	Belzile		Rosaire		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Israel		Grant		Virginie  	Spouse	
Roy		Jaques		Doucet		Marie		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Jean		LeJeune		Jeanne		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Jean Baptiste	Doucet		Francoise	Spouse	
Roy		Jeanne Marie	Doucet		Solange		Spouse	
Roy		Jenia		Doucet		Martin		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Jenny Lynn					Child	
Roy		John S		Doucet		Alicia		Spouse	
Roy		Joseph		Duquette	Josephine	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Joseph		Leger		Henriette	Spouse	
Roy		Joseph		Roy		Therese		Child
Roy		Keith Arnold	Andrus		Laura Ann	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Keith Arnold Jr	unknown		Judy		Child 	
Roy		Lorraine	LaFramboise	Daniel Joseph	Spouse
Roy		Louise		Doucette	Onesime		Spouse	
Roy		Lucide		LeJeune		Ulysses		Spouse	
Roy		Lucien						Child	
Roy		Lucille						Child	
Roy		Lucy		Arceneaux	Raphael S	Spouse	
Roy		Lydia						Child
Roy		Marguerite	LeJeune		Polycarpe	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Marie		Doucet		Aime		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Marie		Doucet		Alexander	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Marie/Minnie	Doucet		Cajetan		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Marie		Doucet		Isadore		Spouse	Parent
Roi/King	Marie		LeJeune/Young	Jean Baptiste	Spouse	Parent
Roy/King	Marie Lillian					Child
Roy		Marie Paule	Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Marie Phoebe	Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Roy or LeRoi	Martine		LeJeune		Joseph Charles	Child	Parent
Roy		Myrtle		Lantz		Joseph Lee III	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Olive		Richard		Jean Michel	Spouse 	
Roy		Patrick		unknown		Shelley		Child	
Roy		Pauline						Child	
Roy		Phyliss Ann	Hollier		Charlie		Child	
Roy		Pierre		Doucet		Cora		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Pierre		LeJeune		Marie		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Pierre S	Doucet		Marie Cora	Spouse
Roy		Raphael		Doucet		Philomene	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Reine		Doucet		Fabien		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Romeo						Child	
Roy		Rose Anne	Doucet		Andre		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Roze						Child	
Roy		Seraphine Josep	LeBlanc		Edouard		Child 	Parent
Roy		Simonne						Child	
Roy		Stephanie					Child	
Roy		Susan Jane	Chapman		Freddie		Child	
Roy		Susan Jane	unknown		unknown		Child	
Roy		Susane						Child	
Roy		Theodor		Doucet		Jeannete	Spouse	Parent
Roy		Theodore	Guitard		Adelanda M	Child	
Roy		Theodule	Doucet		Emma		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Therese		Roy		Joseph		Spouse
Roy		Thomas		Doucet		Seraphie	Spouse
Roy		Timothy		Doucet		Marie		Spouse
Roy		Ursule		Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Roy		Xavier		Doucet		Tharsile	Spouse
Royer		Adolphe		Doucet		Bernadette	Spouse	
Royer		Allida		Doucet		Joseph Cleobule	Spouse	Parent


Rudolph		Cheryl Ann	Lalonde		Roger Dale	Spouse 	Parent
Ruel		Charles		Doucet		Anne Marie	Spouse	
Ruel		Huguette	Cormier		Denis		Spouse	
Ruest		Agathe		Poirier		Pierre		Spouse	
Ruest		Apolline	Poirier		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Rufey		Keisha Jade					Child	
Rufey		Nicholas Leif					Child	
Rufey		Robert Wayne	Doucet		Deborah Kaye	Spouse	Parent
Ruiz Hoyos	Ismael		Sanborn		Melanie Kai	Spouse
Rupert		Curtus David	Doucette	Ada Lorraine	Spouse 	Parent
Rupert		David						Child	
Rupert		Jackelyn					Child	
Rupert		Julie 						Child	
Rush		Mary Jane	Doucet		Edouard Vital	Spouse	Parent
Rushing		Bryce Anan					Child	
Rushing		Gary		Doucet		Mary Jane	Spouse	Parent
Russ 		James		Jordan		Christine Marie	Spouse	Parent
Russell		Angeline Haley					Child	
Russell		Charity		Cosme		Angel		Child	Parent
Russell		Charles Edward	Doucet		Anita Louise	Spouse	Parent
Russell		Emma		Gauthro		Robert		Spouse	
Russell		James		Doucet		Annie		Spouse
Russell		Jeffrey		Doucette	Michelle Lucill	Spouse	Parent
Russell		Mary		Jesso 		Walter		Spouse	
Russell		Melanie		Doucet		Jay Lee		Spouse	
Russell		Nancy		Doucette	David Brian	Spouse	
Russell		Peter		Doucet		Margaret Jane	Spouse
Russell		Ryan Layn	Lakey		Josh		Child	
Russell		Victor		Perrodin	Jeanette Marie	Spouse	Parent
Russell		Victor Jr					Child	
Russell		Victoria	unknown		Tori		Child	
Russell		William Terry	Thibodeaux	Monica Lynn 	Spouse	Parent
Russo		Andrew David					Child	
Russo		Bod Della	Doucette	Terri Dale	Spouse 	
Russo		David Philip	Roniger		Donna Lynn	Spouse	Parent
Russo		Walter		Stewart		Pamela		Spouse	Parent
Ruth		Barbara Ann	Thistle		Randolph Randy	Child 	Parent


Ryan		Albert		Doucet		Anna		Spouse	Parent
Ryan		Albert		Grant		Carol		Child	Parent
Ryan		Andy						Child
Ryan		Ann						Child
Ryan		Annie						Child	
Ryan		Barbara Ann					Child	
Ryan		Basil 		Ross		Genevieve	Spouse	
Ryan		Beth		unknown		Bob		Child	Parent
Ryan		Billy		unknown		Maria		Child
Ryan		Brigitte	LeBlanc		Georges	  	Spouse	Parent
Ryan		Catherine	Doucet		Patrice		Spouse	Parent
Ryan		Catherine	Doucet		Arsene		Spouse	
Ryan		Danny		unknown		Helen		Child
Ryan		Duncan Alexander				Child	
Ryan		Edward James					Child	
Ryan		Eliza 						Child	
Ryan		Eunice		Doucette	John Ambroise	Spouse	Parent
Ryan		Frances Ethel					Child	
Ryan		Francis		unknown		Lynn		Child
Ryan		Gerald		unknown		Linda		Child
Ryan		Grant						Child
Ryan		James		LaVergne	Margaret	Spouse	Parent
Ryan		James						Child	
Ryan		Jeff						Child	
Ryan		Jeremiah Alexan	MacDonell	Mary 	 	Spouse	Parent
Ryan		Joe		unknown		Kristin			Child
Ryan		John						Child	
Ryan		Judith/Julia	Young		Matthew		Spouse	Parent
Ryan		Kayne						Child
Ryan		Lorraine					Child
Ryan		Luciana						Child
Ryan		Margaret					Child	
Ryan		Marian						Child
Ryan		Mary		Feruillo	Donald		Child	Parent
Ryan		Mary Ellen					Child	
Ryan		Maureen						Child	Parent
Ryan		Mike						Child	Parent
Ryan		Philip						Child
Ryan 		Regina		Doucette	John		Spouse	Parent
Ryman		Kirstie		Doucet		John Edward	Spouse	Parent
Rymer		Donald Carroll	Turnage		Teresa Marie	Spouse	Parent
Rymer		Kelianne					Child	
Rymer		Tori Marie					Child


Sabin		Louis Carlton	Doucette	Mary Ruth	Spouse
Sabina		Anne		Doucette	Donald   	Spouse	Parent
Sachs		Nicholas Ryan					Child	
Sachs		Stephen Michael	LeFevre		Kathryn Ann	Spouse	Parent
Sachs		Stephen Michael					Child	
Saddler		Kathleen	Lacerte		Guy		Spouse	Parent
Saeger		Ida		Doucet		Adeodat		Spouse	
Saint-Amant	Jacques		Doucet		Irene		Spouse	
Saint Jean	Florence	Doucet		M Edgar		Spouse
Saizon		Stephanie Louis	Guillory	Nestor Donald	Spouse	Parent
Sakach		Anne Patricia	Gaboury		Donald Duane	Spouse	
Salazar		Joshua Paul 					Child	
Salazar		Rocky 		Binion		Angela Marie 	Spouse	Parent
Sales 		Robert		Gaboury		Agnes Mary	Spouse	
Salesse		Adeline		Cormier		Louis		Spouse	
Salesses	Louis		Doucette	Marie Rose	Spouse
Salling		Emily		Doucett 	Melvin Paul	Spouse	Parent
Salvati		Alexis Marie					Child
Salvati		Angela Rose	Micanovic	unknown		Child	Child
Salvati		Anthony		Longo		Michelle	Spouse	Parent
Salvati		Anthony Jr	unknown		unknown		Child	Child
Sample		Glenn Alan					Child	
Sample		Jo Ann						Child	
Sample		William P	Fregia		Lenora		Spouse	Parent
Samson		Henri		Doucet		Edesse		Spouse	
Samson 		Benjamin Bona	LeJeune		Francoise	Spouse	
Samson/Surevine	Julie 		Young		Philip/Felix	Spouse	Parent
Samuel		J		McCabe		Betty  		Spouse
Sanborn		Alan Dana					Child
Sanborn		Averhy						Child
Sanborn		Eden						Child
Sanborn		Melanie Kai	Ruiz Hoyos	Ismael		Child
Sanborn		Neal Lawrence	Harvey		Julie Dee	Child	Parent
Sanborn		Schulyer Lavado	Drinkall	Allyson		Child	Parent
Sanborn		Scott Warren					Child
Sanborn		William Lavador	Dempsey		Loretta Joan	Spouse	Parent
Sanchez		Celina		Theriot		Adolphe		Spouse	
Sander		Ian		Donnelly	Christina Lynn	Spouse	
Sanders		Amy						Child	
Sanders		Greg P		Leger		Kim Denise	Spouse	
Sandoval	Laura  		Doucet		Kevin		Spouse	Parent
Sankas		Steve  		Doucet		Laura Ann	Spouse 	
Sansfacon	Suzanne Consign	Michaud		Jacques Isaac	Spouse	Parent
Santangelo	Heidi		Doucet		Jarrod Paul	Spouse	
Saphem		Mabel		Doucette	John Irving	Spouse	
Sarazin		Anna		Doucette	Edwin		Spouse	
Sarrazin	Eva		Doucet		Isadore		Spouse	
Sarvaunt	Amos Lee	Hebert		Laura Dell	Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	Amos Lee	Sisk		Jearldean Velma	Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	Amos Lee	Wilson		Caroline Ann	Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	Bernice Ruth	Krueger		John Pierre	Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	Bernice Ruth	Manuel		Eurel		Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	Bernice Ruth	Robideaux	Clifton Charles	Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	Brent Andrew					Child	
Sarvaunt	Dale Andrew	O'Blanc		Glenda Louise	Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	David Allen					Child	
Sarvaunt	Joyce Marie					Child	
Sarvaunt	Kevin Scott					Child	
Sarvaunt	Melissa Kay					Child	
Sarvaunt	Michael Joseph					Child	
Sarvaunt	Oscar Leo	Doucet		Zula Mae	Spouse	Parent 
Sarvaunt	Phillip Eric					Child	
Sarvaunt	Randall Dale					Child	
Sarvaunt	Richard Rafael	Broussard	Orleans Ann	Child	Parent 
Sarvaunt	Richard Rafael	Dailey		Shirley Ruth	Child	Parent 
Sarvaunt	Roland		Ardoin		Colleen Debra	Child	Parent 
Sarvaunt	Roland		Cramer		Tecia Dianne	Child	Parent 
Sarvaunt	Roland		Graves		Regina Gail	Child	Parent 
Sarvaunt	Roland		McVay		Patricia Neal	Child	Parent 
Sarvaunt	Russell Oscar					Child	
Sarvaunt	Sandra Sue	Miller		Harold Wayne	Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	Shelia Marie	Gary		Adam Joseph	Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	Shelia Marie	Newman		Tanas Joseph Jr	Child	Parent
Sarvaunt	Sylia Ann					Child	
Sarver		Laura		Doucet		Eugene		Spouse	Parent
Sassoon		Stacey		Connolly	John J		Spouse	Parent
Sattler		Marcus 		Arabie		Maria Jean 	Spouse	Parent
Sattler		Micah 						Child	
Sattler		Sharon 		Duplechain	Jody Paul 	Spouse	Parent
Saucier		Agnes		Dechaine	unknown		Child	Parent
Saucier		Antoine		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Saucier		Belonie		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Saucier		Germain		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Saunders	Evan		Gallant		Gail		Spouse	
Sauteuse	Angelica	Doucet		Basile		Spouse	Parent
Sauvage		Francoise	Doucet		Germain		Spouse	Parent
Sauve		Francoise	Maurice		Eugene		Spouse
Savage		Emmons		Doucette	Laure		Spouse	Parent
Savage		Lilias		Doucet		Herbert Emile	Spouse	
Savage		Paul		unknown		Lucy  		Child
Savant		Adolph		McDaniel	Mary Anne	Child	Parent
Savant		Amelia						Child	
Savant		Aubin						Child	
Savant		Celanie						Child	
Savant		Daniel Adoph	Sturlese	Angeline	Child	
Savant		Edmond						Child	
Savant		Edmond						Child	
Savant		Elizabeth	Martin		Conrad Lawrence	Child	Parent
Savant		Emily						Child	
Savant		Homer						Child	
Savant		Irma						Child	
Savant		Irma						Child	
Savant		Jean Pierre	Fontenot	Lucile Phillipp	Spouse	Parent
Savant		Jean Pierre					Child	
Savant		Jean Pierre					Child	
Savant		Louisa		Attalis		Auguste		Child	
Savant		Lucile  	Forest		Pierre		Child	
Savant		Mary A						Child	
Savant		Onezime						Child	
Savard		Mary		Doucette	Ulderique	Spouse	Parent
Savard		Melvina		Duquette	Zeno		Spouse	Parent
Savary		Andre		Doucet		Marie Marthe	Spouse	Parent
Savary		Bernard		Michel		Marie		Child	
Savary		Charles		Closquinet	Genevieve	Child	
Savary		Charles Oliver					Child	
Savary		Francoise Anast	Horn		Jacob Henry	Child	Parent
Savary		Jean Baptiste					Child	
Savary		Joseph		Barieu		Francoise	Child	
Savary		Joseph						Child	
Savary		Magdeleine					Child	
Savary		Marguerite					Child	
Savary		Marguerite					Child	
Savary		Marguerite Jose	Horn		Jean		Child	
Savas		Charles James	Doucet		Anne Marie	Spouse	
Savell		Monica Ruth	Guidry		Edward James	Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Adam David					Child
Savoie		Adelaide  	Arsenault	Philip		Child	
Savoie		Adelaide  	Arsenault	Philip		Spouse 	
Savoie		Aime		Arsenault	Modeste		Child 	Parent
Savoie		Alphida		Doucet		Marcellus	Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Ann Marie	Thibodeau	Joseph		Spouse	
Savoie		Anne		Hebert		Benoni		Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Anne Florence	Premeaux	Ibra		Child	
Savoie		Benoni		Bastarache	Adelaide	Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Brian		Doucet		Mary Melissa	Spouse	
Savoy		Cameron Neil					Child 	
Savoie		Clifford  	Cart		Maudrie		Spouse	
Savoie		Cullen Joseph					Child
Savoie		Deanna		Doucet		Michael Wayne	Spouse	Parent
Savoy		Dolly Mae	Marks		Gerald Bob	Child	Parent
Savoy		Douglas Neil	Richard		Susan Ann	Child 	Parent
Savoy		Eddia 		Duplechain	Mark 		Spouse	Parent
Savoy		Evan Wade					Child	
Savoie		Firmin		Bastarache	Marie Rose	Spouse	
Savoy		Gilford		Doucet		Mary Ruth	Spouse	Parent
Savoy		Gilfred		Graffagnind	Camellia	Child	Parent
Savoie		Jean		DesRoches	Anne		Spouse	
Savoy		John Edwin	Doucet		Loretta		Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Joseph		Estey		Karen June	Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Joyce Ann	LeFevre		Marc		Spouse	Parent
Savoy		Leslie Jill					Child	
Savoie		Luc Lucien	Arsenault	Cecile		Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Madeleine	Hebert		Francois	Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Marcin		Blanchard	Marie Rose	Spouse
Savoie		Marguerite	Daigle		Oliver Urbain	Spouse	
Savoie		Marguerite	Daigle		Oliver Urbain	Child	
Savoie		Marguerite Rosa	Richard		Oliver		Spouse	
Savoie		Marguerite Rosa	Richard		Oliver		Child	
Savoie		Marie		Daigle		Charles		Spouse	
Savoie		Marie		Daigle		Charles		Child	
Savoie		Marie		Doucet		Amable		Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Marie		Hebert		Oliver Jerome	Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Marie Genevieve	Daigle		Joseph		Spouse	
Savoie		Marie Genevieve	Daigle		Joseph		Child	
Savoie		Marie Helene	Goguen		Benoni		Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Marie Josephe	Doucet		Laurent		Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Marie Josephe	Poirier		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	Parent
Savoy		Mary		Gary		Cyprien		Spouse	
Savoy		Melanie Ann	Richard		John Phillip	Child 	Parent
Savoie		Michel		DesRoches	Gertrude	Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Nathalie	Martin		Anselme  	Spouse	
Savoie		Olive		Doucet		Alcee		Spouse	Parent
Savoie		Perpetue	LeBlanc		Pierre		Child	
Savoie		Pierre		Melanson	Anne		Spouse	
Savoie		Simon Francois	Martin		Adelaide	Spouse	
Savoy		Sisley Jeannette				Child 	
Savoy		Wanda		LeJeune		Phillip Gary	Spouse	Parent
Sawatske	Shelley Rae	Doucette	Michael Frank	Spouse	Parent
Sawatzky	Adam Ray					Child	
Sawatzky	Ben Gary					Child	
Sawatzky	Gary		Farley		Marie Helene	Spouse	Parent
Sawatzky	Nolan Matthew					Child	
Sawler		John		Doucette	Michelle	Spouse	Parent
Sawler		Joseph R					Child
Sawler		Raven C						Child
Sawyer		Carla		Gervais		Danny		Spouse	Parent
Sawyer		Evelyn		Perry		Alfred		Spouse
Sawyer		Marc 						Child	
Sawyer		Thomas		Arsenault	Evelyn		Spouse	Parent
Sawyer		Wynne		Doucet		Paul		Spouse	Parent
Saylor		Dania		McLaughlin	James		Spouse	Parent


Scafidi		Susan		Hill		Craig		Spouse	Parent
Scaggs		Tracie		Gotte		Lydia		Spouse	Parent
Scaloup		Adelaide	LeJeune		Abraham		Spouse	
Scanlan		Dorothy		Perry		Jackie (John)	Spouse 
Scanlen		Francis		Doucet		Milesaire Cleme	Spouse	
Schackleford	Clifford	Beard		Amanda		Spouse	
Schaefer	Linda		Stelly		Robert Louis	Spouse	Parent
Schaper		Marie		Doucette	David Allen	Spouse 	Parent
Schelling	Eusebe		Doucette	Eleonore	Spouse	Parent
Schexnayder	Allen  		Neal		Tabitha Lynne	Spouse	Parent
Schexnayder	Allison						Child	
Schexnayder	Donald		Doucet		Donna Marie	Spouse	Parent
Schexnayder	Holly Ann					Child	
Schexnayder	Jesse		Doucet		Charles Michael	Spouse	Parent
Schexnayder	John Paul 	Vidrine		Leslie Louise 	Spouse	Parent
Schexnayder	Lalanie Kaye	Guillory	Shane Christoph	Spouse	Parent
Schexydner	Ruth		Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	
Schlachter	Crystal						Child	
Schlachter	Kenneth						Child 	
Schlachter	Kenneth  	Champagne	Diane  		Spouse	Parent
Schlachter	Shelley						Child	
Schlosser	Joshua Wayne					Child	
Schlosser	Ryan William					Child	
Schlosser	Stanley Wayne	Raun		Edith June	Spouse	Parent
Schmidt		Angie		LaSure		Stephen		Spouse	
Schmidt		Chad		Yurchuk		Lauren Fern	Spouse	Parent
Schmidt		Isabella					Child	
Schmidt		John		Duhamel		Lorraine	Spouse	Parent
Schmidt		Kristeen	Doucette	Paul L		Spouse	Parent
Schmitt		Barbara Elizabeth				Child	
Schmitt		Eugene Reves					Child	
Schmitt		Herman T	Reynaud		Elizabeth	Spouse	Parent
Schmitt		William Reynaud	Frank		Gayla Jean	Child	Parent
Schmitt		William Reynaud	Reyes		Linda Luis	Child	Parent
Schneidau	Helen Louise					Child	
Schneidau	John Donaldson	Reynaud		Katherine	Spouse	Parent
Schneidau	Katherine Ann	Posey		Ralph		Child	
Schneidau	Virginia Marie	Pruet		Jon Rodney	Child	Parent
Schneider	Sandy		Newnes		Eric		Spouse
Schoen		Bradley Albert					Child
Schoen		Hunter Jacob					Child
Schoen		Drew Robert					Child
Schoen		Mark Warner	McManus		Jane  Ellen	Child	Parent
Scholl		Frederick Gerar	Doucette	Karen Elizabeth	Spouse	Parent
Scholl		Jason Charles					Child	
Scholl		Jessica Lynn					Child	
Scholl		Julie Elizabeth					Child	
Schor		Donna		Doucette	Gerald R	Spouse	Parent
Schroder	Ruth		Thibodeaux	James C 	Spouse	Parent
Schulenborg	Marie Jeannine	Toews		Gaylord Wayne	Child	Parent
Schumaker	Diane		Devillier	Chad James	Spouse	Parent
Schwartz	David		Briere		Colette Eileen	Spouse	
Schwartz	Michael Timothy					Child	
Schwartz	William Timothy	Echle		Adrienne Mary	Spouse	Parent
Sciplon		Marie Louise	Doucet		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	Parent
Scofield	Josee		Doucet		Rene		Spouse	
Scott		Andrew Philip					Child	
Scott		Ann		Horne		Philip		Spouse	
Scott		Anne Monica	Chamberlain	Raymond		Child	
Scott		Carol		Gary		James Patterson	Spouse	
Scott		Catherine Mario	Gallagher	Edward Joseph	Child	
Scott		Donald E	Horne		Sophia		Spouse	Parent
Scott		Donald Edward					Child	
Scott		Eleanor						Child	
Scott		Frederick Andre	MacLean		Josephine	Child	
Scott		Jacob						Child	
Scott		Lacey Ann					Child 	
Scott		Margaret Helena	McIsaac		Stanislaus Jose	Child	
Scott		Mary Teresa	Hopkins		Leo 		Child	
Scott		Pamela		Maksymiuk	Barry Raymond	Spouse	Parent
Scott		Paul		Mire		Polly Ann	Spouse 	Parent
Scott		William Gilbert	Doucette	Leotta Marie	Spouse	Parent
Scott		William Leo	White		Marguerite Ann	Child	


Sebastien	Joyce		Doucet		Regile		Spouse	Parent
Sebesta		Rachel 		Doucet		Steven Floyd 	Spouse 	Parent
Sebolsky	Joan		Gaboury		Jack John 	Spouse	
Seguin		Kevin		Doucet		Charlotte Ann	Spouse 	Parent
Seible		Michael		Hosack		Lori 	 	Spouse	
Seihant		Ariel		Doucet		Marie Ellen	Spouse	
Seilhan		Carla						Child	
Seilhan		Keith						Child	
Seilhan		Kerry						Child	
Seilhan		Kevin						Child	
Seilhan		Lee Allen	Daigle		Burna Dean	Spouse	Parent
Seilhan		Tim						Child	
Self		Era M.		Gary		Dolzie Maurice	Spouse	Parent
Self		Mary Katherine	Doucet		Arthur Lee	Spouse	Parent 
Sellers		Marie		Doucet		Alfred		Spouse	Parent
Semare		Eugenie		Doucet		Philippe	Spouse	Parent
Sembera		Vivian Irene	Doucet		Mark Allen	Spouse	Parent
Semere		Joseph		Doucet		Movillia	Spouse	
Semmes		Sherry Lynn	Chaisson	Keith James	Spouse	Parent
Seneca		Devin Michael 					Child	
Seneca		Eric 		Duplechain	Wendy Marie 	Spouse	Parent
Seneca		Eric Paul 					Child	
Senesac 	Karen		Dowcett		James Michael	Spouse	Parent
Sensat		Arcade		Doucet		Eva		Spouse	
Sensat		Clorence	Doucet		Theisac Samuel	Spouse	Parent
Sensat		Irene		LeBlanc		Wilsia Jack	Spouse 	Parent
Sensat		Mae		Doucet		Francis Columbu	Spouse	Parent
Serink		Ella Emilienne	Doucet		Armand  	Spouse	Parent
Serrier		Pierre		LeJeune		Marie Josephe	Spouse	
Serwatkewich	Kandice						Child	
Serwatkewich	Kevin		Girard		Cindy		Spouse	Parent
Setter		John		Richard		Rose Marie	Spouse
Sevella		Catherine	Doucette	Rickey		Spouse	
Severin		Patsy		MacMillan	Jim		Spouse	Parent
Severtson	Leverne Henry	Doucette	Ruth Janice	Spouse	
Severy		Adam						Child	
Severy		Craig						Child	
Severy		Richard		Berig		Mary Frances	Spouse	Parent
Severy		Rick 						Child	
Sevigny		Lucy Amanda	Doucette	Leo Francis	Spouse	
Sevin		Norman		Doucet		Josephine Magde	Spouse	


Shackelford	Michael Arthur	Violette	Janet Patricia	Spouse	
Shade		Leroy		DesRoches	Pauline		Spouse	
Shaffer		Terri Lynne	Boudoin		Damon Paul	Spouse	Parent
Shand		Ronald  	Reinke		Renee Yvonne	Spouse	
Shanks		Harold Clayton	Doucette	Gloria Marie	Spouse	Parent
Shanks		Lori Dee					Child	
Shanks		Valerie Lee	Daley		Robert Harry	Child	
Shanks		Vicki Lynn	Rich		Aquila John	Child	
Shanks		Vicki Lynn	Rocha		James		Child	
Shannon		Joseph Wilfred					Child
Shannon		Patrick		Doucet		Marguerite Emma	Spouse	Parent
Shara		Richard Lee	Echle		Deborah Marie	Spouse	Parent
Shard		Al		Arsenault	Coleen		Spouse	Parent
Shard		Amanda						Child	
Shard		Kim						Child	
Sharpe 		Clarke		Doucet		Annette Marie	Spouse  	
Shaw		Joshua		LaValley	Heather		Spouse	Parent
Shea		Biana Felicity					Child	
Shea		Caroline	Doucette	Glen		Spouse	Parent
Shea		Charles						Child	
Shea		Christina E	Lordan		Timothy J	Child	Parent
Shea		Cindy Anne					Child	Parent
Shea		Cletus		Handrahan	Arlene Mary	Spouse	Parent
Shea		Cora Lee	Doucette	Keats		Spouse	Parent
Shea		Daniel						Child	
Shea		Dexter						Child 	
Shea		Dianne		Doyle		Chris 		Child 	
Shea		Eileen		Gallant		Ernest		Spouse	Parent
Shea		Gwen		Clements	Dave		Child 	
Shea		Holly						Child	
Shea		James		Young		Jane		Spouse	
Shea		Jennifer					Child
Shea		Jerrica Agatha					Child 
Shea		John						Child
Shea		Karen						Child
Shea		Kelly						Child
Shea		Kevin T						Child	
Shea		Kirby Charles					Child	
Shea		Krista						Child	
Shea		Leo		Doucette	Shirley Anne	Spouse	Parent
Shea		Nathan Christian				Child
Shea		Lori Ann					Child	
Shea		Louis		Richard		Brenda		Spouse	Parent
Shea		Luc						Child
Shea		Mark						Child	
Shea		Maurice		Gaudet		Barbara		Spouse	Parent
Shea		Mitchel Stephen					Child	
Shea		Nadia						Child	
Shea		Nathan Christian				Child	
Shea		Neil Francis					Child	
Shea		Patrick						Child	
Shea		Peter		Doucet		Catherine Sophq	Spouse	Parent
Shea		Quinlan J	Boodry		Angela G	Child  	Parent
Shea		Quinlan J	Stang		Hedi Maria	Child 	Parent
Shea		Quinlan J III	Turpin		Robin		Child	
Shea		Richard		Richard		Elaine		Spouse	Parent
Shea		Robert						Child	
Shea		Russel		Doucette	Gail		Spouse	Parent
Shea		Sally Marie	Harper		Scott		Child	
Shea		Sandy						Child	
Shea		Sarah						Child	
Shea		Shawn						Child	
Shea		Steven  					Child	
Shea		Terry Lynn					Child	
Shea		Tina Marie					Child 	Parent
Shea		William E	Doucet		Marie Elizabeth	Spouse	Parent
Sheen		Cody		Coleman		Dana Lynn	Spouse
Shelley		Patrick Joseph	Doucet		Annie Maude	Spouse
Shelling	Aurora		Gravel		Charles Henry	Child	
Shepawy		Shauna		Lapierre	Raymond		Spouse	
Sheppard	Agnes						Child	
Sheppard	Albert						Child	
Sheppard	Alfred						Child	
Sheppard	Austin						Child	
Sheppard	Bridget						Child	
Sheppard	Charles		Doucette	Elizabeth	Spouse
Sheppard	Edward						Child	
Shepard		Ellen Rudolpa	Dorsett		Daniel Hanks	Spouse	Parent
Shephard	Fred		LeJeune		Annie		Spouse	Parent
Sheppard	George		Doucette	Bernadette	Spouse
Sheppard	George Alfred					Child	
Sheppard	Hilary Archibald				Child	
Shepard		Hillard		Webb		unknown		Child	
Sheppard	James		Webb		Eleonora Anne	Child	Parent
Sheppard	John						Child	
Sheppard	John Henry	Young		Marie Susan	Spouse	Parent
Sheppard	Leo						Child	
Sheppard	Lucy						Child	
Sheppard	Mary						Child	
Sheppard	Mederic		Young		Annie		Child	Parent
Sheppard	Mederick					Child	
Sheppard	Patrick						Child	
Sheppard	Richard						Child	
Sheppard	Robert						Child	
Sheppard	Terrance	Alexandre	Edouard		Child	
Sheppard	Violet						Child	
Sheppard	William						Child	
Sherman		Marie Elizabeth	Doucet		Antoine		Spouse	Parent
Shields		Andrew Hugh	Hynes		Patricia Kathle	Spouse	
Shiers		Fredrick	Horne		Sophia		Spouse	
Shimp		Vickie		Cook		Rudolph Lamar J	Spouse	Parent 
Shirah		Phyllis Marie	Landry		Sidney Paul	Spouse	Parent
Sholtanuk	Michael		Morrow		Julie Lynn	Spouse	Parent
Sholtanuk	Angela Kristine	McMillan	Andrew		Child	
Sholtanuk	Benjamin Joel					Child	
Short		Alonzo		Farrell		Kerry Faith	Spouse	Parent
Short		Eleanor Cawley					Child
Shouppe		Gregory Allan	Penfold		Sheila		Spouse	
Shows		Alexander Douglas				Child	
Shows		Steven Douglas	LeFevre		Kathryn Ann	Spouse	Parent


Sicard		Augustin	Doucet		Agnes		Spouse
Sicard		Napoleon	Doucet		Emelie		Spouse
Sicard de Rive	Marie		Garceau		Francis Xavier 	Spouse	
Sides		Georgiana	Edwards		William Sulliva	Child	Parent
Sides		John Andrew	Thibodeaux	Josephine Clara	Spouse	Parent
Sidley		Walter						Child
Siedekum	Gene						Child	
Silbersack	Rudolph		Doucette	Delia		Spouse	
Siliker		Holly		DesRoches	Michael		Spouse	Parent
Silliker	Colin Thomas					Child
Silliker	Edwin Colin	Harris		Susan Paula	Spouse	Parent
Silliker	Kirbie Ellen					Child
Silliker	Wade		Barrett		Susan		Spouse
Silver		Christpher Dashawn				Child
Silver		Dominique Eric					Child
Silver		Robert Leonard	Doucet		Ardith Joan	Spouse	Parent
Silver		Robert Leonard III				Child
Simar		Hilda		Gotte		Lester J	Spouse
Simar		Ruby Rita	Gotte		Willie Vernon	Spouse
Simar 		Joseph		Doucet		Marelia		Spouse 
Simard		Arsene		Perry		Angie		Spouse	Parent
Simard		Millie		Flansgan	Billy		Child 	Parent
Simare		Joseph 		Doucet		Marie J		Spouse 
Simmons		Billy Ray 	Horton		Susie 		Child	Parent
Simmons		Christel 					Child	
Simmons		Guillaume Paul					Child	
Simmons		Guy B Jr	Doucet		Mona Faye	Spouse	Parent
Simmons		Howard Stephen	Doucet		Claire Jeannett	Spouse	Parent
Simmons		Jerry W		Jones		Anissa Kay	Spouse	Parent
Simmons		Karley 						Child	
Simmons		Larry Genne 					Child	Parent
Simmons		Lenette Ann 	Bolton		unknown 	Child	Parent
Simmons		Lenette Ann 	Cope		Troy 		Child	Parent
Simmons		Michelle Renee					Child	
Simmons		Nathan Bryce					Child
Simmons		Ray		Fontenot	Jeanette Marie	Spouse	Parent
Simmons		Robert Ray 	unknown		Wanda		Child	Parent
Simmons		Ronald Gene	Walker		Jerri		Child	
Simmons		Samantha Brynn					Child
Simmons		Shane 						Child	
Simmons		Silas		Dorsett		Sarah		Spouse	
Simmons		Summer 						Child	
Simmons		Tanner 						Child	
Simmons		Thomas 						Child	
Simmons		Tosha 						Child	
Simmons		Twana 		Rowe		Dean 		Child	Parent
Simmons		Twana 		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Simmons		Twili 						Child	Parent
Simms		Jane		LeJeune		Jacques		Spouse	Parent
Simon		Agnes		Broussard	George 	 	Child 	Parent
Simon		Agnes		Broussard	George		Spouse 	Parent
Simon		Alexandre	Breaux		Eva Agnes	Child 	Parent
Simon		Amie		LeJeune		Eddie		Child 	Parent
Simon		Amie		LeJeune		Eddie		Spouse 	Parent
Simon		Andre		Doucet		Marguerite	Spouse	
Simon		Anna		Doucet		Joseph Portalis	Spouse	Parent
Simon		Anna Mae	Theunissen	William Richard	Child 	Parent
Simon		Azema		Broussard	Gerassin	Spouse	Parent
Simon		Barbara Nell					Child	
Simon		Camille		Faulk		Marie Caroline	Child 	Parent
Simon		Celestine	Doucet		Hilaire		Spouse	Parent
Simon		Charles		Leger		Nathalie	Spouse	Parent
Simon		Clesmae		Gaspard		Lillie		Child 	Parent
Simon		Clifford					Child	
Simon		Clifton						Child	
Simon		Cline		Cradeur		Genevive	Child 	Parent
Simon		Darphy						Child	
Simon		David		Gary		Eustachine	Spouse	Parent
Simon		Elie		Melancon	Bella		Spouse	Parent
Simon		Ernest		Doucet		Gertrude Aimee	Spouse	
Simon		Eula Mae					Child	
Simon		Eva		Cart		Lester		Child 	Parent
Simon		Evelina Marie	Crochet		Valerie		Child 	Parent
Simon		Francois	Doucet		Anne		Spouse	Parent
Simon		Israel Ben	Broussard	Angelia		Child 	Parent
Simon		Israel Ben	Broussard	Angelia		Spouse 	Parent
Simon 		Jean Numa	Doucet		Marie		Spouse
Simon/Semar	Joseph		Doucet		Julie		Spouse
Simon		Joycie Mae					Child	
Simon		Larry Dean					Child	
Simon		Larry James					Child	
Simon		Leah		LeJeune		Ben		Child 	Parent
Simon		Lesseda		Gary		Telesphore	Spouse	Parent
Simon		Lovistry	Gary		Alicia		Spouse	Parent
Simon		Lula		LaPointe	Amos Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Simon		Mabel						Child	
Simon		Marguerite					Child	
Simon		Marguerite Euph	Istre		Thomas		Child 	
Simon		Marie Ethel	Cart		Richard		Child 	Parent
Simon		Mertie Lou	Melancon	Leroy John	Spouse	Parent
Simon		Norma Lee	Lopez		Alvin		Child	
Simon		Ozie McKin	Broussard	Antonia		Child 	Parent
Simon		Ozie McKin	Broussard	Antonia		Spouse 	Parent
Simon		Ruby						Child	
Simon		Sheila Ann	Couvillion	Jerome Lynn	Child	
Simon		Sheila Ann	Olivier		Jeffery		Child	
Simon		Teddy		Guidry		Jamie		Child	
Simon		Teddy James					Child	
Simon		Telesphore	Fontenot	Agnes		Child 	Parent
Simon		Terry		Richard		Nettie		Child	
Simon		Timothy  	Smith		Debbie		Child	
Simon		Verna Mae	Franques	Melvin		Child	
Simon		Watson						Child	
Simon		Whitney Simmons	Doucet		Elsie Lou	Spouse	Parent
Simoneaux	Ange 						Child	
Simoneau	Antoine 	Gervais		Therese		Spouse	Parent
Simoneaux	Burnella	Doucet		Albon		Spouse	Parent
Simoneaux	Constancia Anne	Dugas		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	Parent
Simoneaux	Constancia Anne	Dugas		Jean Baptiste	Child 	Parent
Simoneau	Dianne		Keshen		Ron 		Child	Parent
Simoneau	Gilbert						Child	
Simoneaux	Hilario Honario					Child	
Simoneaux	Jean Baptiste	Daigle		Marie Elizabeth	Spouse 	
Simoneaux	Joseph  	Bourque		Madeleine Julie	Spouse	Parent
Simoneaux	Joseph Fabien	Bergeron	Clemencia	Child	
Simoneaux	Josephe Marine					Child	
Simoneaux	Juana Theotista					Child 	
Simoneau	Linda		Carifelle	Wayne		Child	Parent
Simoneaux	Lubino Josef	Daigle		Marie Victoire	Spouse	
Simoneaux	Maria Humiliana					Child	
Simoneaux	Marie Del Carmen				Child	
Simoneaux	Maurice						Child	
Simoneaux	Narcisco Eugenio				Child	
Simoneau	Paulette	McGinnis	Mike		Child	
Simoneaux	Reulio Hypolito	Robichaux	Celesia		Child 	Parent
Simoneaux	Sharon		Devillier	Michael Shane	Spouse
Simoneaux	Umberto Valerio	Bourg		Clementine Marg	Spouse	
Simoneaux	Ursin Maturin					Child	
Simpkin		Carol		Doucet		Allyr Wilfred	Spouse	
Simpson		Bruce		Gervais		Darlene		Spouse	Parent
Simpson		Cristine Ann					Child	
Simpson		Dianne Elizabet	Doucette	James Francis	Spouse	Parent
Simpson		Mark		Doucette	Mary		Spouse	Parent
Simpson		Randall Greg	Doucet		Bonnie Jean	Spouse	Parent
Simpson		Rebecca						Child	
Simpson		Trenton Neil					Child 	
Sims		Jill Marie	Hill		Don August	Spouse	Parent
Sincennes	Jean Baptiste J	Doucet		Marie		Spouse
Sinclair	Alexandria					Child
Sinclair	James		Newman		Jody		Child	Parent
Sinclair	James		Surette		Annette 	Spouse	Parent
Sinclair	Keith		Jones		Annearie	Child	
Sinclair	Latjerome	Reynaud		Clarence Sidney	Spouse	Parent
Sinclair	Logan						Child
Sinclair	Michael Cheyene					Child
Sinclair	Todd Michael	Rand		Jennifer	Child	Parent		
Sinclair	Todd Michael	unknown		Aileen		Child	Parent
Sinclair	Todd Michael					Child
Singer		Jason						Child	
Singer		Mandy						Child	
Singer		Richard		Thibodeaux	Janette		Spouse	Parent
Singer		Shannon						Child	
Singleton	Paul		Doucet		Caroline	Spouse	
Sirois		Arthur		Dubuc		Sylvie		Child	Parent
Sirois		Dany						Child
Sirois		Emile		Monty		Helene		Child	Parent
Sirois		Leo		Doucet		Marie MargueriteSpouse	Parent
Sirois		Marie Annick					Child		
Sirois		Melanie						Child	
Sirois		Michel		Doucet		Julie		Spouse	
Sirois		Monique		Boulay		Jean Claude	Child	Parent
Sirois		Samuel						Child		
Sirois		Sophie		LeBrun		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	Parent
Sirois		Veronique					Child
Sisk		Jearldean Velma	Sarvaunt	Amos Lee	Spouse	Parent
Sissons		Harold		Belzil 		Aline		Spouse	Parent
Sittig		Linda Gail	Neal		Harold		Spouse	Parent
Sittig		Vivian 		Mire		Calvin James	Spouse 	Parent
Siville		Marie Rosalie	Gautraux	Pierre Isadore	Spouse	Parent


Skeene		Keith		Fruge		Janet Ruth	Spouse	Parent
Skidds		Betty						Child
Skidds		James		Dempsey		Mary Bernadette	Spouse	Parent
Skidds		Joan						Child
Skillhorne	Aaron						Child	
Skillhorne	Bob		Perry		Una		Spouse	Parent
Skillhorne	Colton						Child	
Skillhorne	Connie		McKinnon	Bruce		Child	Parent
Skillhorne	Dennis		Hughena		unknown		Child	Parent
Skillhorne	Dwayne		unknown		Jo Anne		Child	Parent
Skillhorne	Fredrick	Lanquille	Gail		Child	Parent
Skillhorne	Fredrick	unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Skillhorne	Katelyn						Child	
Skillhorne	Quinton						Child	
Skillhorne	Rachael						Child	


Sledge		Amanda Gabrielle				Child	
Sledge		Keith Wayne	Gifford		Vickie Leigh	Spouse	Parent
Sledge		Stephenie Nicole				Child	
Sledge		Tiffany Renae					Child	
Slegar		James		Doucet		Virginia	Spouse	Parent
Slobodian	Katrina Emily					Child
Slobodian	Patrick Wayne	Edgar		Sandra Kathleen	Spouse


Smail		Tammy Lynn	Doucet		Daniel Scott	Spouse	Parent
Smalley		Lela		Doucet		Pierre Cossude	Spouse	Parent
Smalley		Louise		Doucet		Edward		Spouse	Parent
Smart		Briget 		Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	
Smart		Maud		Young		Martin		Spouse	Parent
Smith		Adam						Child	
Smith		Agnes Eleanor					Child
Smith		Aimee						Child 	
Smith		Alfred Ernest	Doucet		Therese Geraldi	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Alva		Gaudet		girl		Spouse	
Smith		Ana						Child	
Smith		Anna Belle	Doucet		Ludric		Spouse	Parent
Smith		Benjamin					Child	
Smith		Benjamin			  		Child	
Smith		Betty		Bergeron	Leevens		Child	Parent
Smith		Beulah Louise	Gary		Joseph Clifford	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Beverly Ann	Gary		Robery Wayne	Spouse	
Smith		Caitlyn						Child	
Smith		Catherine	Doucette	James Arthur	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Celestine	Doucet		Theodore	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Christopher Alf	Stelly		Candyn Leane	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Clay		Parsley		Lynette		Spouse	
Smith		Connie Marie 	Derouen		Kenneth 	Child	Parent
Smith		Dale Edward	Steele		Paula  		Child	Parent
Smith		Daphne Marie					Child	
Smith		Dave		Gillard		Felecia Ann	Spouse	Parent
Smith		David		Hubbard		Cathy		Spouse	
Smith		David  		Hubbard		Myra		Spouse	
Smith		Debbie		Simon		Timothy  	Spouse	
Smith		Debra  		Esthay		Kenneth Peter	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Derrick						Child	
Smith		Donald		unknown		Jan		Child	Parent
Smith		Donna Lynn 	Johnson		Otis 		Child	Parent
Smith		Doris						Child	
Smith		Ebenezer G	Dorsett		Eliza		Spouse	
Smith		Ed 		unknown		Mona		Child	Parent
Smith		Edward Emmanuel	Andrus		Hortense Doris	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Elaina  					Child	
Smith		Elaine D	Buford		Edward		Child 	
Smith		Evelida		Doucet		Augustin Felici	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Evelida		Doucet		Augustine	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Floyd Allen	Fontenot	Betty Jean	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Frances						Child	
Smith		Gayle A		Bordelon	Greg		Child 	Parent
Smith		Grace		Doucette	James Alfred	Spouse	Child
Smith		Gwen		Vincent		Kenneth		Spouse	
Smith		Helen		Perry		Raymond		Spouse	Parent
Smith		Helen Jeannette	Sonnier		Calvin Paul	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Jamie						Child	
Smith		Jamie  						Child	
Smith		Jenna Roden					Child
Smith		Jennifer  	Regnier		Glenn Donel	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Jenny Lea	Esthay		Wilbert		Spouse	Parent
Smith		Jody						Child	
Smith		John Alan	Doucet		Angela Marie	Spouse 	Parent
Smith		Joseph		Doucet		Marie Rose	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Judy		Brinkley	Carl 		Child	Parent
Smith		Linda		Vidrine		Harold 	 	Child	Parent
Smith		Lucile		Doucet		Gustave/Augusti	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Lynn		unknown		Ellen		Child	
Smith		Marcia		Doucette	Edward Brennan	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Martin Matthew	Muse		Marie Evelena	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Mary Alice	Young		Michael Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Mary Beth	Richard		Glenn		Child	
Smith		Mary Lydia	Martin		Conrad Lee	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Mary W		Doucette	Joseph O	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Melda		Thibodeaux	Pierre 	 	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Michael		Gatte		Thelma		Spouse	Parent
Smith		MyLene Kay 	Higginbotham	Gary Lee 	Child	Parent
Smith		Nicole						Child	
Smith		Patricia	Fuselier	Norris		Child	Parent
Smith		Richard		Hubbard		Rosemarie	Spouse	
Smith		Rickey James 	unknown		Pam		Child	Parent
Smith		Robert		Dowcett		Mary Eileen	Spouse	
Smith		Roosevelt	Cormier		Ethel		Spouse	Parent
Smith		Rudy John					Child	
Smith		Samuel M	Doucette	Addie G		Spouse
Smith		Sandra Lynn	Doucette	Edward Charles	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Sheila  					Child
Smith		Spencer James 					Child	
Smith		Stephanie	Lantz		Brandon		Spouse	Parent
Smith		Stephanie 	Lancon		Martin Louis 	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Tawny						Child	
Smith		Teddi		Peigol		Donald		Spouse	Parent
Smith		Timothy  	Rego		Jo-Ann		Spouse	Parent
Smith		Tona Janette	Boudreaux	James Carol	Spouse 	Parent
Smith		Wanda		Doucet		Kevin Ray	Spouse 	
Smith		Wanda  		Doucet		Ray Allen	Spouse	Parent
Smith		Wilton Joseph	Doucet		Janice Faye	Spouse	Parent
Smithey		James G		Bellard		Sandra		Spouse	
Smrdelj		Nan		Echle		Eugene Francis 	Spouse	


Snaper		Kathy Lynn	Hollis		Richard Eugene 	Spouse	Parent
Snider		Mary Esibell	Doucette	John Edward	Spouse
Snow		Clarence	Hubbard		Shirley May	Spouse	
Snyder		Michael Gaines	Doucette	Mary Ellen	Spouse	


Soetaert	Gail		Plante		Jacques		Spouse	Parent
Soignee		Henriette	Doucette	Fabien		Spouse	Parent
Soileau		Charlie Danielle				Child	
Soileau		Donna		Comeaux		Lolly James	Spouse	Parent
Soileau		Durant T	Doucet		Elia		Spouse	Parent
Soileaux	Edna		Doucet		Oscar Paul	Spouse	
Soileau		Emile		Doucet		Yvonne		Spouse
Soileau		Feliciane	Doucet		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	Parent
Soileau		Francis Henry	Doucet		Charlene Claire	Spouse
Soileau		Horace		Doucet		Marie Lydie	Spouse	Parent
Soileau		James						Child	
Soileau		James Bryan	Doucet		Sybil		Spouse	Parent
Soileau		Jessica		Lalonde		Terry Lee	Spouse 	
Soileau		John Edward	Doucet		Cynthia Marie	Spouse 	Parent
Soileau		Larris		Martin		Laura Lane	Spouse	Parent
Soileau		Lynn						Child	
Soileau		Marie Bernice	Doucet		Alfred Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Soileau		Mary Ann					Child	
Soileau		Mary Bernita	Fontenot	Marshall Paul	Spouse	
Soileau		Mary Bernita	Fontenot	Marshall Paul	Child	
Soileau		Mary Della	Corley		Chesley		Child	Parent
Soileau		Mildred						Child	
Soileau		Millard		Doucet		Alice		Spouse	Parent
Soileau		Shirley						Child	
Soileau		Vera						Child	
Solomon		Bernard		Doucette	Annie Bell	Spouse	Parent		
Solomon		Leroy						Child
Solomon		Lloyd						Child
Solomon		Wanda		Moore		Clay Anthony	Spouse	
Somers		Cade						Child
Somers		Christopher Adam				Child
Somers		George Wilbur	Estey		Brenda Roxanne	Spouse	Parent
Somers		Jordan						Child
Somers		Joseph Larry	Kingston	Lucy Agnes	Spouse	Parent
Somers		Makayla						Child
Somers		Nicholas George	unknown		Diana		Child	Parent
Somers		Olivia						Child
Somers		Stuart Weldon	Crammond	Janet Kathryn	Child	Parent
Sonnier		Adam						Child	
Sonnier		Alfreda		Doucet		Maurice		Spouse	Parent
Saulnier	Andre							Child
Saulnier	Anselme Marcell	Martin		Marie		Spouse	
Saulnier	Apolline	Goguen		Severe		Spouse	
Saulnier	Augustin	Martin		Marie Madeleine	Spouse	
Saulnier	Brigette	Doiron		Moise		Child	
Sonnier		Beulah		Gatte		Jeffery		Spouse	
Sonnier		Calvin Paul	Smith		Helen Jeannette	Child 	Parent
Sonnier		Carl Quinn	Miller		Laura Ann	Spouse	Parent
Saulnier	Clair		Roussel		Richard		Child	Parent
Saulnier	Claire Lorette	Doucet		Jean Thomas 	Spouse	
Sonnier		Clesmae		Landry		Frances		Spouse	
Saulnier	Coleta		Dousset		Francois	Spouse	Parent
Sonnier		Colleen Kay	Doucet		Cory		Child
Sonnier		Colistie	LeBlanc		Leon		Child 	Parent
Sonnier		Dalton						Child	
Sonnier		David Jr	Andrepont	Gloria Jean 	Spouse	Parent
Saulnier	Delphis		Doucet		Marie Christine		Spouse	Parent
Sonnier		Diana Marie	Cormier		Lester Paul	Child 	Parent
Saulnier	Dominique Cleme	Martin		Julite Adelaide	Spouse	
Sonnier		Drozen Paul	Fontenot	Victoria	Child 	Parent
Sonnier		Drozen Paul	Gary		Colistie	Spouse	Parent
Sonnier		Drozen Paul	Gary		Avelia		Spouse	Parent
Sonnier		Drozen Paul	Vincent		Ophelia		Child	Parent
Saulnier	Elizabeth Beatr	Doucet		Josue Arthur	Child	Parent
Saulnier	Elizabeth Beatr	Doucet		Josue Arthur (G	Spouse	Parent
Saulnier	Euphrosine	Doiron		Louis		Child	
Saulnier	Evangeline	LeBlanc		Alphee		Spouse	Parent
Sonnier		Ferdinand	Fontenot	Alta		Child 	Parent
Saulnier	Francois	Bastarache	Marguerite	Spouse	
Soulnier	Gervais		Doucet		Marie Magdelein	Spouse
Sonnier		Giddeon		Doucet		Josephine	Spouse	Parent
Saulnier	Isabelle	Leger		Thomas		Spouse	Parent
Saulnier/Sonnie	Isabelle	LeJeune		Bernard		Spouse	
Sonnier		Jean Baptiste	Breaux		Marie Clemence	Spouse	
Saulnier	Joseph		Bastarache	Felicite	Spouse	Parent
Sonnier		Joseph		Doucet		Denesie		Spouse	
Saulnier	Joseph		Doucet		Lydie Anne	Spouse	
Saulnier	Joseph		Doucette	Matilda		Spouse	
Saulnier	Joseph Amand	Doucette	Mathilde	Spouse	Parent
Sonnier		Joyne						Child	
Sonnier		Justin Quinn					Child	
Sonnier		Laura Mae					Child	
Saulnier	Laurent		Gaudet		Modeste		Spouse	
Sonnier		Lena  						Child	
Sonnier		Lillian						Child	
Sonnier		Linda Gail	Myers		Charles William	Child 	Parent
Saulnier	Madeleine	Hebert		Pierre		Spouse	
Saulnier	Margaret	Doucette	Simon John	Spouse
Saulnier	Marguerite	Gaudet		Simon		Spouse	
Saulnier	Marie		Bastarache	Michel		Spouse	
Sonier		Marie		Richard		Anselme		Spouse	Parent
Saulnier	Marie Henrietta	Doucet		Jean Robert	Spouse	Parent
Sonnier		Mary Hilda	Daigle		Pierre Varmon	Child 	Parent
Sonnier		Melvin						Child	
Saulnier	Michel 		Martin		Anne		Spouse	
Sonnier		Michael Shane	Miller		Becky		Child
Sonnier		Mildred						Child 	
Sonnier		Rosalie						Child	
Sonnier		Sam						Child	
Sonnier		Selvenia	Gary		Melina		Spouse	Parent
Sonnier		Selvenia	Gary		Melina		Child 	Parent
Sonnier		Theodiste	LeJeune		Blaise		Spouse	
Sonnier		Valentine					Child	
Sorensen	Violet		Doucette	Forrest Henry	Spouse	Parent
Sosville	Victor Hector	Martel		Adeline		Child	
Soucier		Emelia		Chapman		Joseph Adville	Child	Parent
Soucier		Joseph Louis	Morel		Emelia Jean	Child	Parent
Soucier		Louis		Fontenot	Celeste		Spouse	Parent
Soucy		Desanges	Doucet		Prime		Spouse	
Soucy		Diane		Gervais		Henri		Spouse	Parent
Soucy		Louis		Doucet		Marie Rose	Spouse	
Soucy		Nathalie	Doucet		Maxime		Spouse	Parent
Soucy		Obeline		Doucet		Laurent		Spouse	Parent
Soucy		Olive		Doucette	Fortuna		Spouse	Parent
Soucy		Vital		Doucet		Flavie		Spouse
Soude		Renotte		Doucet		Francois	Spouse	Parent
Southner	Kathryn						Child	
Southner	Lauren						Child	
Southner	Tim 		Masiers		Stella Marie	Spouse	Parent
Sovereign	Mary Jane	Ducette		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Soward		Priscilla Cathe	Henneberry	Benjamin	Spouse	Parent


Sparks		Amos						Child	
Sparks		Erastus						Child	
Sparks		Isaiah		Doucet/Dowset	Philis		Spouse	Parent
Sparks		Isaiah						Child	
Sparks		Keith Paul	Doucet		Peggy Ann	Spouse	Parent
Sparks		Kristen						Child 	
Sparks		Laurence					Child	
Sparks		Martin 						Child	
Sparks		Mehitabel					Child	
Sparks		Stephen						Child	
Spears		Daniel		Doucet		Lois		Spouse	Parent
Spears		D'Wright					Child
Spears		John Edward	unknown		Brenda Ann	Child	Parent
Spears		Paul						Child
Spears		Season						Child	
Speed		Denise E	Henley		Kevin Lee	Spouse	Parent
Spek		Brian Robert	Gatte		Tammy Lynn	Spouse	Parent
Spek		Britney Renee					Child	
Spek		Cameron Robert					Child	
Spek		Madison Raquel					Child	
Spell		Margee		Doucet		Alcee		Spouse	Parent
Spell		Ronny Dale	Cormier		Annetta		Spouse	Parent
Spell		Sandra Denise	Broussard	Marcal David	Child	Parent
Spell		Sandra Denise	Lyons		James Dalton II	Child	Parent
Spencer		Kathryn						Child
Spencer		Kimberly Ann	Carples		William		Child	Parent
Spencer		Michael						Child
Spencer		Robert Carl	Gallagher	Margaret Malone	Spouse	Parent
Spencer		Robert Carl	unknown		Jeannie		Child	Parent
Spray		Beth Marie					Child	
Spray		Donald						Child	
Spray		John Edward					Child	
Sprout		Conrad Jay	Doucet		Mary Merlyn	Spouse	Parent


Starinski	Margaret	Doucett		John Lester	Spouse	
St Arnard	Celine		Doucet		Emile		Spouse	Parent
St Arnaud	Dominique					Child	
St Arnaud	Donald						Child	
St Arnauld	Emelie			Houle	Louis		Spouse	Parent
St Arnealt	Enilien		Doucet		Alda		Spouse	
St Arnaud	Jean						Child	
St Arnard	Leadre		Doucet		Marie Paul 	Spouse	Parent
St Arnaud	Marco						Child	
St Arnaud	Marie Anne	Doucet		Elzeard		Spouse	Parent
St Arnard	Normand		Doucet		Beatrice	Spouse	Parent
St Arnaud	Richard						Child	
St Coeur	Mary/Marie	Doucet		John F		Spouse	Parent
St Croix	Bernard		Doucet		Marie		Spouse
St Cyr		Antoinette	Doucet		Charles		Spouse	Parent
St Denis	Gordon		Doucette	Bonnie		Spouse	Parent
St Denis	Kelly						Child	
St Georges	Marie Louise	Doucet		Michel		Spouse	
St Germain	Camille		Gary		Marguerite Ophe	Spouse	
St Germain	Dwight		Crochet		Bernie		Spouse	Parent
St Germain	Emma		Broussard	Columbus	Child	Parent
St Germain	Erron Scott					Child 	
St Germain	Felcien		Gary		Victoria	Spouse	Parent
St Germain	Felix		Babineaux	Anna  		Child	
St Germain	Gordon		Landry		Stephanie Jane	Spouse	Parent
St Germain	Heath						Child	
St Germain	Jed						Child	
St Germain	Pricila		Granger		Frank 	 	Child	
St Germain	Sarah Elizabeth					Child	
St Germain	Therese		Breaux		Lloyd		Child	
St Laurent	Angele		Poirier		Hippolyte	Spouse	
St Laurent	Genevieve	Poirier		Germain		Spouse	
St Onge		Allen						Child
St Onge		Brenda						Child
St Onge		Carmel 						Child
St Onge		Caroll						Child
St Onge		Fernand 	Doucet		Eveline		Spouse	
St Onge		George						Child
Saintonge	James		Doucet		Elizebeth	Spouse	Parent
St Onge		James						Child
St Onge		Lodia		Houle		Adelore		Spouse
St Onge		Roger						Child
St Pierre	Alma		Dube		Alfred		Child	
St Pierre	Angelique	Doucet		Etienne		Spouse	Parent
St Pierre	Cecile						Child	
St Pierre	Edmund						Child	
St Pierre	George		Doucette	Lea		Spouse	Parent
St Pierre	Ida Eva		Hubbard		John Richard	Spouse	Parent
St Pierre	Josette		Doucet		Laurent		Spouse	Parent
St Pierre	Maggie		Doucet		Charley Joseph	Spouse	
St Pierre	Marie Josette	Doucet		Paul		Spouse	
St Pierre	Priscilla Tarzi	Robichaud	Dosithe		Spouse	Parent
St Pierre	Sylvio		Audet		Nicole		Spouse
St Pierre	Yvonne						Child	
Stafford	Betty Willrich	Doucette	Forrest Henry	Spouse	Parent
Staggs		Nita		Doucet		Dudley		Spouse	Parent
Stand		Charles		Young		Josephine	Spouse	
Stanford	Alice Gaynell	Clement		Irma Ray	Spouse	Parent
Stanford	Amy						Child
Stanford	Joseph Etienne	Boudreau	Marie Rose	Spouse	
Stanford	Kelly		Gannon		Michelle	Spouse	
Stanford	Patricia Dale	Gatte		Nacis Richard	Spouse
Stanford	Perry		Doucet		Mona		Spouse	
Stanford	Perry Jr					Child
Stanford	Roxane						Child
Staples		Frankie Ann	Fruge		John Wayne	Spouse	Parent 
Stang		Hedi Maria	Shea		Quinlan J	Spouse	Parent
Stanley		Coriann Marie					Child	
Stanley		Daniel Carleton	McLeod		Charlene Ann	Spouse	Parent
Stanley		Jennifer Lee					Child	
Stanton		Joanne Katherin	Doucette	Walter Eric	Spouse	Parent
Stantz		Brent Thomas					Child	
Stantz		Donald		Husers		Cynthia Marie	Spouse	Parent
Stasko		Andrew John	Cunningham	Rebecca Marie	Spouse	Parent
Stasko		Anna Catherine					Child	
Stasko		Nicholas Monroe					Child	
Staurch		Mary		Doucet		Joseph Ronald	Spouse	Parent
Stebbins	Ernest		Briere		Susan M		Spouse	Parent
Stebbins	Michael Charles					Child	
Stebbins	William George					Child	
Steele		Leo		Blanchard	Eleanore	Spouse	
Steele		Luther Maxwell	McIsaac		Pauline Ann	Spouse	Parent
Steele		Paula  		Smith		Dale Edward	Spouse	Parent
Steffan		Eileen		Martin		Michel		Spouse	
Stein		Abbie Jo	Echle		Jan Michael	Spouse	Parent
Stelly		Aaron John	Cormier		Agnes Ruby	Child	Parent
Stelly		Candyn Leane	Smith		Christopher Alf	Child	Parent
Stelly		Christopher J 					Child
Stelly		Donald Louis	Granger		Ethel Lee	Child	Parent
Stelly		Fernand		Doucet		Claudia		Spouse	
Stelly		George		Doucet		Gertrude	Spouse
Stelly		Jonathan Lional	unknown		Aubrey		Child	
Stelly		Jonathan M					Child	
Stelly		Joseph		Doucet		Mary Gussie	Spouse	Parent
Stelly		Joseph  					Child	
Stelly		Joseph Lional	Breaux		Carolyn		Child	Parent
Stelly		Kenneth Wayne	unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Stelly		Kenneth Wayne	unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Stelly		Kenneth Wayne	unknown		Sharon		Child	Parent
Stelly		Kevin						Child	
Stelly		Kirk  						Child	
Stelly		Lawrence  	Witherwax	Samie		Child	Parent
Stelly		Leonard Lyn					Child	
Stelly		Lisa						Child	
Stelly		Loysy		Boudreaux	Maxine		Child	
Stelly		Marie Effie	Holloway	Jules Joseph	Spouse	
Stelly		Mary Ann	Taylor		Tony Joseph Jr	Child 	Parent
Stelly		Melanie						Child	
Stelly		Michael Ray	unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Stelly		Michael Ray	unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Stelly		Michael Ray	unknown		Patty		Child	Parent
Stelly		Michael Ray Jr					Child	
Stelly		Monica  					Child	
Stelly		Monique Mae	Durio		Walter		Child	
Stelly		Robert Joseph					Child 	
Stelly		Robert Louis	Case		Joan Ellen	Child	Parent
Stelly		Robert Louis	Schaefer	Linda		Child	Parent
Stelly		Ronald Ray	Huff		Nancy		Child	Parent
Stelly		Ronald Ray	Morgan		Heather		Child	Parent
Stelly		Samuel Lawrence					Child	
Stelly		Sarah  		Cormier		Ivan		Child	Parent
Stelly		Sharon Ann	Wood		William Coy	Child	Parent
Stelly		Terry John	Gauthier	Jeannette	Child	Parent
Stelly		Ulysses		Holloway	Ella Maria	Spouse	Parent
Stephens	Ramona Jean	Doucet		Stephen Neil	Spouse	Parent
Stephenson	Vashti Ray	Reynaud		Louis Favrot	Spouse	Parent
Stepheson	Stuart		Doucet		Pauline Monique	Spouse 	
Sterritt	Aidan						Child	
Sterritt	Benjamin					Child	
Sterritt	Donald		Lanteigne	Jocelyne	Spouse	Parent
Sterritt	Elizabeth					Child	
Sterritt	Kathleen					Child	
Stevens		Denise L	Doucet		David Marion	Spouse	Parent
Stevenson	Francis		Peters		Charlene	Spouse	
Stewart		Albert Joseph	Doucette	Michele Anne	Spouse	Parent
Stewart		Alyssa Kathleen					Child	
Stewart		Beverly Ann	Penfold		Landis		Child	Parent
Stewart		Brie						Child
Stewart		Craig		Besse		Jennifer	Child	Parent
Stewart		Erin						Child
Stewart		Joyce Marie	Chayer		William		Child	Parent
Steward		Karen		Doucette	Edward Charles	Spouse	Parent
Stewart		Margaret Ann	Darling		Joseph		Child	Parent
Stewart		Margaret Ann	Moore		Robert		Child	Parent
Stewart		Mercedes	Gary		Charles 	Spouse	Parent
Stewart		Niall Alexander					Child	
Stewart		Nora						Child
Stewart		Pamela		Russo		Walter		Child	Parent
Stewart		Pamela		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Stewart		Patricia	Chiasson	Isadore Alex	Spouse	Parent
Stewart		Ron		Doucette	Marlene		Spouse
Stewart		Vernon		Doucet		Marie		Spouse	Parent
Stewart		William		Lafferty	Mary		Spouse	Parent
Stilwell	Elisabeth	Levite		Gary Matthew	Spouse	Parent
Stinson		Dawn Marie	Thibodeaux	Daniel Ray	Spouse	Parent
Stitham		Cheri		White		Robert		Spouse	Parent
Stoddard	Martin  	Hubbard		Wanda Ann	Spouse	
Stodder		Alison LeeAnn					Child	
Stodder		Donald Ray	Davenport	Rebecca		Child	Parent
Stodder		Leah Rena	Robinson	Theodore	Child	Parent
Stodder		Munson III	Sturrock	Marily		Child	Parent 
Stodder		Munson IV					Child	
Stodder		Munson Jr	Breaux		Curtis Mae	Spouse	Parent 
Stodder		Rachel Dawn					Child	
Stodder		Roger Dale					Child	
Stolz		Felicia						Child
Stone		Edith Meroe	Cyr		Charles Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Stoodly		Kurt		Farrell		Moya		Spouse	Parent
Stoodly		Shannon						Child
Story		Douglas T	Rogers		Joette		Spouse
Story		Lela Belle	Doucette	William H 	Spouse	Parent
Stout		Brandy						Child	
Stout		Everett		Peters		Eva		Spouse
Stout		Laura		Gervais		Gerard		Spouse	Parent
Stout		Russel						Child	
Stovall		Gary		Tygrett		Donna Kaye	Spouse	Parent
Strachan	Diana		Doucette	Paul Elmer	Spouse	Parent
Stratton	Allison Marie					Child 	
Stratton	Charles Alden					Child	
Stratton	Kirk		Doucet		Victoria Marie	Spouse	Parent
Stratton	Samuel Allen					Child	
Strembesky	Alex		Gervais		Vivianne	Spouse	Parent
Strembesky	Robert						Child	
Strembesky	Steven						Child	
Strembesky	Wendy						Child	
Strickland	Frosty		Crochet		Polly		Spouse	
Strickland	Rita		Arsenault	LeRoy		Spouse	Parent
Stroderd	Allison Nicole					Child	
Stroderd	Cornelia Elvina	Guillory	Nestor Donald	Child 	Parent
Stroderd	Ellen Louise	Wills		John Wayne	Child	Parent
Stroderd	Eric Shane					Child	
Stroderd	Justin Paul					Child	
Stroderd	Michela Kay	Camel		Philllip Anthon	Child 	Parent
Stroderd	Pamela Sue	Domingue	Benny Joseph	Child 	Parent
Stroderd	Patricia Ann	Hebert		Joseph Mickey	Child 	Parent
Stroderd	Paul Fabius	Landry		Tina Marie	Child 	Parent
Stroderd	Wilbert Joseph	Doucet		Mildred Mary	Spouse	Parent
Strout		Katherine Jean	Monroe		Richard Neil	Spouse	
Sturlese	Angeline	Savant		Daniel Adoph	Spouse	
Sturrock	Marily		Stodder		Munson III	Spouse	Parent 
Sturtevant	Edith Elizabeth	Doucet		Justin Dewey	Spouse	Parent
Stute		Adeline		Doucet		Jean		Spouse	Parent
Stutes		Alice Ray	Cormier		Alfred Patrick	Spouse	Parent
Stutes		Dudley		Cormier		Eula Mae	Spouse	Parent
Stutes		Elma Rita	Beckner		Bobby Joe	Child	Parent
Stutes		Elma Rita	Prudhomme	Wilson Ray	Child	Parent
Stutes		Nedia		Doucet		Asa		Spouse	Parent
Stutzman	Marcia Ann					Child	
Stutzman	Oliver		Fregia		Ina Marie	Spouse	Parent
Stutzman	Stanley Allen					Child	
Styron		James Carl	Doucette	Mary Wilma	Spouse	Parent


Sueryas		Michelle	Doucette	Peter		Spouse	
Sufferin	Gil		Gatte		Barbara Ethel	Spouse	Parent
Suire		Heath Ashley	Boudreaux	Maranda Marie	Spouse 	
Suire		Ivy		Melancon	Lily Mae	Spouse	Parent
Suire (Johnson)	Allen James	Taylor		Jane Elizabeth	Child	Parent
Suire (Johnson)	Dianne Gayle	Hollier		Larry		Child 	Parent
Suire (Johnson)	Dora Ann	Leger		Calise		Child 	Parent
Suire (Johnson)	Suzanne		Potier		John		Child	Parent
Sulek		Joseph John					Child
Sullivan	Brian Heath	Perry		Pamela Denise	Spouse 	Parent
Sullivan	Fred J		Doucet		Olive		Spouse
Sullivan	Jacob Wayne					Child	
Sullivan	Margaret  	Young		Benjamin	Spouse	Parent
Sullivan	Michael John	Cyr		Doris Jane	Spouse	Parent
Sullivan	Rachael Denise					Child	
Sullivan	Rosemary	Doucette	Joseph		Spouse 	Parent
Sullivan	Virginia	Doucet		Joseph Alfred	Spouse	
Sulmat		Marie		Doucet		Theodule	Spouse	Parent 
Summerhayes	Greg Charles					Child	
Summerhayes	Lora Anne					Child
Summerhayes	Sandra Jean					Child	
Sundberg	Erin Rachel					Child	
Sundberg	Kathryn Grace					Child	
Sundberg	Willard Guy	Gallant		Gail Lynn	Spouse	Parent
Surette		Andre		Bourque		Madeleine	Spouse	
Surette		Anne		Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Surette		Anne Marie	Doucette	Joseph Pius	Spouse	Parent
Surette		Annette 	Kilton		Harold		Child	Parent
Surette		Annette 	Sinclair	James		Child	Parent
Surette		Apolline	LeBlanc		Joseph		Spouse	
Surette		Brent						Child
Surette		Cyriac		Doucet		Marie Monique	Spouse	
Surette		Debra 		Hamlin		Mark		Child
Surette		Dennis						Child
Surette		Didace		Theriault	Cecile		Spouse	
Surette		Dorothy Anne	Daniello	Darrin Joseph	Child
Surette		Edward Joseph 	Burke		Betty Susan	Child	Parent
Surette		Eliza		Hubbard		Louis		Child
Surette		Elmer Joseph	Meuse		Louise Mary	Spouse	Parent
Surette		Emily 						Child
Surette		Gary Lee 					Child
Surette		Ida 		O'Donnell	Dana		Child	Parent
Surette		Isadore		Goguen		Marie		Spouse	
Surette		Jennifer Lynn					Child
Surette		Joanne 		Cormier		Norman		Child	Parent
Surette		Lora		Glover		Daniel		Child	Parent
Surette		Ludivine	Goguen		Placide		Spouse	
Surette		Marcel 		Doucet		Joanne		Spouse	
Surette		Marguerite	Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Surette		Marguerite	Hebert		Jean		Spouse	
Surette		Marguerite	Richard		Joseph		Spouse	
Surette		Marie		Bourque		Jean		Spouse	
Surette		Marie		Richard		Joseph		Spouse	
Surette		Marie		Robichaud	Anselme		Spouse	
Surette		Marie Sarah	Doucet		Joseph Harris	Spouse	
Surette		Marion Mabel	Hubbard		Joseph Alvin	Spouse	Parent
Surette		Marisa						Child
Surette		Michael 	Woods		Sandra		Child	Parent
Surette		Rose		Theriault	Leon		Spouse	
Surette		Rose O		Doucet		Theodore	Spouse	
Surette		Robert W	Doucette	Grace		Spouse
Surette		Sandra		Hartman		Hugh		Child	
Surette		Theodore	Doucette	Edna		Spouse	Parent
Surette		Theodore 	Rinialdo	Karen		Child	Parent
Surette		Thomas 		Jordan		Sabrina		Child	Parent
Surette		Tonia		Allen		Arthus		Child	Parent
Surette		Ursule		Daigle		Antoine		Spouse	
Surette		Ursule		Doucet		Jean Mande	Spouse	
Sutherland	Brady		Jardine		Marcey		Child	Parent
Sutherland	David Eugene	Kingston	Jacki		Spouse	Parent
Sutherland	Kylie						Child
Sutter		Donald		Legere		Albenia Mae	Spouse	Parent
Sutter		Donna Lee					Child	Parent
Sutter		Ian  						Child	
Sutter		Kathy						Child	
Sutter		Paula		Bedard		Tom		Child	
Sutter		Vicky		Arnold		Mike		Child	


Swalleau	Vergia		Gatte		Clifford John	Spouse	Parent
Swan		Dennis						Child	
Swan		George						Child	
Swan		James		Quinn		Bridget		Spouse	Parent
Swan		John J		Jessome		Stella		Child	
Swan		Patrick L					Child	
Swan		William						Child	
Sweeney		Bridget		Doucette	Reuben			Spouse	Parent
Sweeney		Cindy S		Pettingil	unknown		Child	
Sweeney		Linda L						Child	
Sweeney		Louis Edward	Doucett		Esther Mae	Spouse	Parent
Sweeney		Michael Eugene	unknown		Cindy		Child	
Swim		Evelyn		Amirault	Alfred Joseph	Spouse	Parent


Sylvester	Rachael		Doucet		Douglas Joel	Spouse	
Sylvestre	Elizabeth	Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Sylvestre	Hercule		Doucette	Philomene	Spouse
Syma		Bradley Scott					Child	
Syma		Casey Lynn					Child	
Syma		Kevin Scott	Turnage		Jacqueline Eleo	Spouse	Parent
Symar		Emilie		Doucet		Angelas		Spouse	Parent


Tabor		Jacqueline Ann	Dupuis		William Wade Jr	Spouse	
Tackus		Dorothea	Richards	Ivan Francis	Spouse	Parent
Tadlock		Patty		Doucet		Michael Henry	Spouse	Parent
Talbot		Albert 		Clement		Marie Ophila	Spouse	Parent
Talbot		Celeste		Doucet		Joseph Hubert	Spouse	Parent
Talbot		Ferdinand Louis					Child	
Talbot		Joseph Wallace					Child	
Talbot		Marie Aimee					Child	
Talbot		Marie Ida					Child	
Talbot		Paul Emile					Child	
Tallac		Mary Frances	Young		George F	Spouse	Parent
Tallack		William		Jesso 		Marguerite Celi	Spouse	
Tamburiello	Michael Anthony	Gromack		Jacqueline Ann	Spouse	
Tant		Thelma Ophelie	Doucet		Jasper 		Spouse	Parent
Tapp		Catherine  	Young		Michael Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Tappe		Catherine	Young		William		Spouse	Parent
Tararella	Joann Marie	Fontenot	Robert Dale	Spouse	Parent
Tardif		Adele		Doucette	Louis de Gonzag	Spouse	Parent
Tardif		Albert		Doucet		Leonna		Spouse	
Tarr		Joshua		Doucett		Sally		Spouse	Parent 
Tate		Helen		Andrus		Lee		Spouse	
Tate		Onezime		Guillory	Omerine		Spouse 	
Tatman		Connie J	Bellard		Betty		Spouse	
Tatton		Margaret	Hubbard		Graydon Richard	Spouse	Parent
Tavare		Marie Magdalein	Mignault	Jean		Spouse	Parent
Tayer		Ada		Gallant		Joseph Hercule	Spouse	
Taylor		Adelaide "Delia	Doucette	Peter		Spouse	Parent
Taylor		Alex		Beaugh		Thelma		Spouse	Parent
Taylor		Alex Jr		Doody		Patti		Child	
Taylor		Bruce		Doucette	Margaret Ann	Spouse	
Taylor		Charles Joseph	Hayes		Kelly Ann	Child 	Parent
Taylor		Charles Joseph	Husers		Lavona Celia	Spouse	Parent
Taylor		Danny Foy	Decuir		Dianna Sue	Spouse	
Taylor		Debbie		Lynch		Camille		Spouse	Parent
Taylor		Dona Ruth	Lantz		Jeff		Spouse	
Taylor		Donnie Wilson	Doucet		Anna Mae	Spouse	
Taylor		Elizabeth Ann					Child
Taylor		Emily Elizabeth					Child
Taylor		Gabrielle Michelle				Child	
Taylor		Gavin Thomas					Child	
Taylor		Hedy		Cormier		Louis		Child	Parent
Taylor		Houston David J	Legere		Lynda Marie	Spouse	
Taylor		James		Aaron		Brandy Anita	Spouse	Parent
Taylor		Jane Elizabeth	Suire (Johnson)	Allen James	Spouse	Parent
Taylor		Jaynell		Melancon	Ronald		Child	Parent
Taylor		Jessica Ann	Baudoin		Keith		Child	Parent
Taylor		Liston		Fruge		Debra Lynn	Spouse	Parent
Taylor		Mary		Esthay		Telephole	Spouse	Parent
Taylor		Mary Alice	Doucet		Theodule Joseph Spouse	Parent
Taylor		Nicholas					Child
Taylor		Tony Joseph Jr	Stelly		Mary Ann	Spouse 	Parent
Taylor		Vicky Lynn	Hebert		David		Child	Parent
Taylor		Zachary Stephen					Child	
Taylor		Zachery Blaine					Child


Teague		Tina		Doucet		David Brian	Spouse	Parent
Tedesco		Linda Ann	Doucette	Joseph Allen	Spouse	Parent
Teller		Caroline	Doucet		Jean Pierre	Spouse	Parent
TeMoananui	Yvonne Margaret	Doucet		Dean William	Spouse	Parent
Temple		Isaac						Child	
Temple		Ryan		LeBlanc		Bridget		Spouse	Parent
Templet		Narcisse	Melancon	Irene		Spouse	
Templet		Nell		Doucet		Hershel Ray	Spouse	Parent
Tencza		Valerie		Doucette	Peter Dennis	Spouse	
Tennant-Smith	Dorothy		Belzil 		Marcel		Spouse	Parent
Terral		Deloros		Lantz		James Harold	Spouse	Parent
Terranova	Jacque 		Mathis		Teri Rene	Spouse	
Terrebonne	Lesima Marie	Doucet		Celestin Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Terrebonne	Oscar		Doucet		Josephine Odili	Spouse	
Terrell		Darla		Gatte		Trebuel Glynn	Spouse	Parent
Terrell		James M		Doucet		Melba Ann	Spouse	
Theriot		Adolphe		Sanchez		Celina		Child	
Theriot		Agnan Stinville	Landry		Odille		Child 	
Theriot		Alton		Crochet		Myrtle		Spouse	Parent
Terriot		Anastasie					Child	
Terrio		Andrew						Child	
Theriot		Anne Marie					Child	
Theriot		Arthur Joachim	Gary		Adele		Child 	Parent
Theriot		Auguste		Romero		Euchariste	Child	
Theriault	Billie 						Child	
Theriot		Bruno						Child	
Theriault	Camille		Doucet		Dorina		Spouse	Parent
Theriot		Carl Ray					Child
Terriot		Carmelita					Child	
Theriault	Cecile		Surette		Didace		Child	
Terriau		Cezar		Dupuis		Marie		Child	Parent
Theriot		Celeste		Doucet		Louis		Spouse	
Theriot		Charles		Babineaux	Marie Arthenise	Child	
Terriau		Charles		LaHurve		Augustine Maxin	Child	Parent
Terriau		Charles		Poirier		Scholastique	Child	Parent
Terriot		Charles						Child	
Theriot		Charles						Child	
Theriault	Charles Teri					Child	
Terrio		Christina					Child	
Theriot		Claiborn Joseph	Landry		Aloysia		Spouse	Parent
Theriault	Claudette	McAllister	Daniel		Child	
Theriault	Daniel		Marquis		Anne		Child	Parent
Terrio		Darlene						Child	
Theriault	Denis						Child	
Theriot		Diana		Burton		Conrad		Child
Theriault	Diane		Michaud		Nathan		Child	
Terriot		Ecolastica					Child	
Terriau		Etienne						Child	
Terriot		Etienne						Child	
Theriot		Eugenie		Poole		Lucien		Child	
Theriault	France						Child	
Theriault	Francois					Child	
Terriau		Francois Xavier	Broussard	Palome		Child	
Terriau		Francois Xavier	Dupuis		Genevieve	Child	
Theriot		Francoise	Richard		Michel		Spouse	Parent
Terriot		Francoise Eliza	Bergeron	Augustin Bellon	Spouse	
Terriot		Fulgence					Child	
Theriot		George Adolphe					Child	
Therriot	Germain		Boudrot		Marguerite	Spouse	Parent
Terriot		Germain		Hebert		Marie Josephe	Spouse	
Theriault	Gregoire	LeBlanc		Nathalie	Spouse	
Theriot		Helena		Blanchard	Clay		Spouse	
Theriault	Hilaire 	Thibodeau	Rose		Child	
Theriault	Hilaire 	Thibodeau	Rose		Spouse	
Theriot		Hill		Doucet		Lizzie		Spouse	
Terriau		Hubert		Landry		Margarite	Child	
Theriot		Irma		Doucet		Paul Elgean	Spouse	Parent
Terrio		Janice						Child	
Theriot		Jean		Granger		Marguerite	Spouse	
Terriot		Jean						Child	
Theriault	Jean Baptiste	Doucet		Elizabeth	Spouse
Theriot		Jean Baptiste	Granger		Marie Marguerit	Spouse	Parent
Theriault	Jean Baptiste	Pinet		Genevieve	Child	Parent
Theriot		Jean Baptiste					Child	
Theriault	Jean Yves	Doucet		Francine	Spouse	Parent
Theriault	Jeanne		Arsenault	Fabien		Spouse	Parent
Theriault	Josee						Child	
Terriot		Joseph		Bourgeois	Magdeleine	Spouse	Parent
Terriau		Joseph		Dupuis		Rosalie		Child	
Theriot		Joseph		Girouard	Marie Josephe	Child	Parent
Terriot		Joseph		Melancon	Marguerite	Spouse	Parent
Terriau		Joseph		Trahan		Marie Anastasie	Child	
Theriot		Joseph		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Terriot		Joseph						Child	
Theriot		Joseph						Child	
Theriot		Joseph Dolze	Vincent		Paula		Child	
Terriot		Joseph Marie					Child	
Theriot		Joseph Stinvill	Lopez		Marguerite Orda	Child	Parent
Theriot		Joseph Villieu					Child 	
Theriot		Julie Athalie					Child	
Terriau		Justinien					Child	
Theriault	Karina						Child	
Terrio		Kenneth  	Doucette	Barbara		Spouse	Parent
Terrio		Kenneth Jr					Child	
Theriault	Laurent		Doucet		Julie		Spouse	
Theriault	Leon		Surette		Rose		Child	
Theriault	Louise		Martin		Michel		Spouse	Parent
Terriot		Madeleine	Doucet		Jean		Spouse	Parent
Terriot		Madeleine					Child	
Theriault	Marcelline	Thibodeau	Gregoire	Child 	
Theriault	Marcelline	Thibodeau	Gregoire	Spouse	
Terriau		Margarite					Child	
Terriot		Marguerite	Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	
Theriault	Marguerite	Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Theriot		Marguerite					Child	
Terriot		Marguerite Artemisa				Child	
Theriot		Marguerite Arth	Babineaux	Louis Valiere	Child	
Theriot		Marguerite Arth	Theriot		Paul		Child	
Theriot		Marguerite Azema				Child	
Theriot		Marie		Daigle		Pierre Joseph	Spouse	
Terriot		Marie		Granger		Simon Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Theriot		Marie		Melanson	Paul		Child 	Parent
Thierrot	Marie		Melancon	Paul		Spouse	
Terriot		Marie		Roy		Charles Abraham	Child	Parent
Terriot		Marie						Child	
Theriot		Marie Amynthe	Vincent		Farnese		Child	
Theriot		Marie Azelie	Garryo		Jean Arvilien	Child	Parent
Theriot		Marie Blanche	Granger		Jean		Spouse	
Theriot		Marie Blanche	Vincent		Elias		Child	
Theriot		Marie Blanche					Child	
Theriot		Marie Emma	Gary		Joseph Alcide	Child 	Parent
Terriot		Marie Josephe	Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Theriot		Marie Josephe					Child	
Theriot		Marie Madeleine					Child	
Terriau		Marie Modeste	Melancon	Charles		Child	
Theriault	Marin		Bourque		Marie Anne	Spouse	Parent
Theriault	Marine		Leger		Edouard		Child 	Parent
Theriault	Marine		Leger		Edouard		Spouse	Parent
Theriault	Maryse						Child	
Theriault	Mathieu						Child	
Theriot		Mathilde					Child	
Terrio		Maureen						Child	
Theriault	Maurice		Couillard	Diane		Child	Parent
Terrio		Michael  					Child	
Terriot		Michel Eloi					Child	
Terrio		Michelle					Child	
Theriault	Monica/Monique	Dousset/Doucet	Patient		Spouse	Parent 
Theriot		Nolie		Blanchard	Henry		Spouse	
Terriot		Onesine		Marrois		Marie Eremise	Spouse	
Theriot		Patricia Lynne	Duhon		Jeffery Blain	Spouse
Theriot		Paul		Theriot		Marguerite Arth	Spouse	
Tereo		Paula		Doucet		Felicis		Spouse	Parent
Terriot		Petenelle					Child	
Theriot		Pierre		DuPuis		Marie Josephe	Spouse	Parent
Theriault	Pierre		Gagnon		Barbara	  	Child	Parent
Terriau		Pierre						Child	
Terriot		Pierre						Child	
Theriot		Pierre						Child	
Theriot		Pierre Dolze	Valleau		Marguerite	Spouse	
Terriot		Pierre Joseph	Michel		Anastasie	Child	Parent
Theriault	Pierrick					Child	
Theriault	Raymond		Poitras		Theresa		Child	Parent
Terriot		Rene Seraphine					Child	
Theriault	Renie 						Child	
Theriault	Rosalie		LeBlanc		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Terriot		Rosalie						Child	
Theriot		Rosalie Marguer	Doucet		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Terriau		Rosalie Monique	Dupuis		Pierre		Child	Parent
Theriault	Sidefroy	Landry		Luce		Child	
Theriault	Stephane 	unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Theriot		Stinville Josep	Gary		Marie Ozea	Child	Parent
Theriault	Suzanne		Doucet		Vital		Spouse	Parent
Theriault	Theodore  	Gautreau	Francoise	Spouse	Parent
Theriot		Theresa		Gotte		Stephen T	Spouse	Parent
Terriau		Thomas		D'Aigles	Marie Agnes	Spouse	Parent
Theriault	Ursule Marie	Blanchard	Joseph Prospere	Spouse
Theriot		William Henry					Child	
Terriot		Zenon						Child	
Tessier		Francis  	LeJeune		Elizabeth	Spouse	Parent
Tessier		Jeanne 		Lesperance	Gerald O	Spouse	
Tessier		Mercitus					Child	
Tessier		Sadie						Child	
Tessier		Stanly						Child	
Tessier		William						Child	


Thauvette 	Gisele		Belzil		Paul		Spouse	
Theis		Beth Ann	Mower		Charles Herbert	Spouse	Parent
Thelen		Hannah Violet	Doucette	Andrew Leo	Spouse	Parent
Thereiau	Sophie		Doucet		Alexis		Spouse	Parent
Therien		Alice		Doucette	Octave Paul	Spouse	Parent
Therien		Gisele		Boulianne	Gerard		Child	
Therien		Lionel		Belzil 		Hermeline	Spouse	Parent
Therien		Roberta		Church		Myles		Child	
Therien		Ronald		McLean		Linda		Child	
Therrien	Anna		Doucet		Moise		Spouse	Parent
Therrien	Marie		Doucette	Prime		Spouse	
Therrien	Marie		Doucette	Willie		Spouse	
Theunissen	Brett Joseph					Child	
Theunissen	Connie Ann	Trahan		Charles John	Child	Parent
Theunissen	Debra Jaclyn	Matt		unknown		Child 	Parent
Theunissen	Debra Jaclyn	Nutt	Patt			Child	Parent
Theunissen	Jennifer Elizab	Broussard	Saul Michael	Child 	
Theunissen	Lisa Marie	Duplechin	Richard		Child 	Parent
Theunissen	Melissa Kae					Child	
Theunissen	Mitchell William				Child	Parent
Theunissen	Patricia Jean					Child	
Theunissen	Richard William					Child	Parent
Theunissen	Valerie Lynn	Vincent		unknown		Child	Parent
Theunissen	William Richard	Simon 		Anna Mae	Spouse	Parent
Thevis		Francis		Melancon	Alphonse	Spouse	Parent
Thebeau		Anne		Bourgeois	Pierre Benjamin	Spouse	Parent
Thibault	Anne		Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Thibault	Barnabe Jovite	Amirault	Julienne	Spouse	
Thibault	Charlotte	Doucet		David		Spouse	Parent
Thibault	Desire 		Doucet		Rose Anne	Spouse	
Thibault	Euphosine	Doucet		John		Spouse	Parent
Thibault	Eusebe		Doucet		Rosalie  	Spouse	
Thibault	Eusebe						Child	
Thibeau		George		Doucette	Irene		Spouse	
Thibault	Jean Baptiste	Doucet		Rosalie		Spouse	Parent
Thibault	Marc		Doucet		Marie Stephanie	Spouse	
Thibault	Marguerite	Garceau		Francis Xavier 	Spouse	
Thibault	Mary Jane	Doucette	Reginald J	Spouse	Parent
Thebeau		Pierre		Arsenault	Euphrosine	Spouse	
Tibeau		John Don	Vezinat		Josette Kaye	Spouse	
Tibo		Charlotae	Doucet		Joanni		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Agathe Marie	Marcello	Sam		Child	
Thibodeau	Agnes		Broussard	Joseph		Child	Parent
Thibodeau 	Albert		Doucet		Roseline	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Alcee		Gary		Ophelia		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Alexandre	Leger		Marie		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Alexis		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Alice		Bellard		Louis Demosthen	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Amand		Bourgeois	Anne		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Amand Gregoire					Child	
Thibodeaux	Amy		Comeaux		Theophile	Spouse	
Thibodeau	Angeline	Arsenault	Daniel 		Spouse
Thibodeaux	Angie						Child	
Thibodeaux	Anna						Child	
Thibodeau	Anne		LeBlanc		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Annette						Child
Thibodeau	Antoine		Babineau	Francoise	Child	
Thibodeaux	Arcene		Bourg		Josephine	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Arcene		Bourg		Josephine	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Arcene		Trahan		Brigette	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Archange Beatri	Marcello	Lucas		Child	
Thibodeau	Armand						Child
Thibodeaux	Armis		Doucet		Teresa		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau 	Audelia		Doucette	Hubert		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Aurelien	Doucet		Loretta		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Aurena		LeJeune		Lucien		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Austin Daniel					Child
Thibodeaux	Barbara		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Barbara		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Basile		DesRoches	Marguerite	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Beatrice	Martin		B F		Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Benjamin	Thibodeau	Isabelle	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Bethany Anne					Child	
Thibodeaux	Billy						Child	
Thibodeau	Bruno						Child	
Thibodeaux	Bryan						Child	
Thibodeaux	Cameron Michael					Child
Thibodeau	Carine						Child
Thibodeaux	Carmelite	Dupuis		Paul		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Carol Lea	Magee		James		Child 	
Thibodeau 	Cecile  	LeBlanc		Alphonse	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Cecile 						Child	
Thibodeau	Celina		Gaudet		Hyppolite	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Charles		Braud		Brigitte	Child	
Thibodeau	Charles		Melancon	Anne Marie	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Charles		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Charles Glenn	Doucet		Carlis Ann	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Cheryl Ann	Bertrand	Sheldon Mark	Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Claire		Aucoin		Oliver		Child	
Thibodeau	Claude		Doucet		Lucette		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Claudia						Child
Thibodeaux	Cody Alan					Child
Thibodeaux	Corey Daniel					Child	
Thibodeaux	Craig Allen					Child	 
Thibodeaux	Curt Adam	Landreneau	Kandace Lee	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Daniel Ray	Stinson		Dawn Marie	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Darlene  					Child	
Thibodeaux	David						Child	
Thibodeaux	David Lee					Child	
Thibodeaux	David Leonard	Newman		Patricia Ann	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	David Paul					Child	
Thibodeau	Delia		Gaudet		Nelson		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Diane		Carrier		John Lerlin	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Don Louis	Landry		Marguerite	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Dona 		Faul		Marty 		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Donald		unknown		Alice 	 	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Donald Anthony					Child	
Thibodeaux	Donna Faye	Bearb		Vic 		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Donna Faye	Chachere	Guy		Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Edith						Child
Thibodeaux	Edward Leopold	Ford		Anna Marie	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Elina		Landry		Joseph B	Child 	Parent
Thibodeau	Elizabeth	Breaux		Joseph		Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Elizabeth	DuPuis		Simon Pierre	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Ellie						Child	
Thibodeau	Elodie		Doucette	Flavien		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Emilie		Doucet		Adam		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Empress Marie	Esthay		Oscar Jr	Spouse	Parent 
Thibodeau	Firman Gregoire	Babineau	Isabelle	Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Francois	Cormier		Marie		Child 	Parent
Thibodeau	Francois					Child	
Thibodeau	Genevieve	Bastarache	Thadee		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Genevieve	Dugas		Francois Berche	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	George		Doucet		Judith 	 	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	George Odie	unknown		Madeleine	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	George Odie Jr					Child	
Thibodeaux	Georgette  	Doucet		Riley Adam	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Gertis		Legros		Charles Edward	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Gertrude	Richard		Bonaventure	Child	
Thibodeau	Gertrude	Richard		Bonaventure	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Glenda		Gros		Kenneth		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Glenn F		Thibodeaux	Jean Claire	Spouse	
Thibodeau	Gregoire	Theriault	Marcelline	Child	
Thibodeau	Gregoire	Theriault	Marcelline	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Hanna Rae	LeJeune		Christopher NealSpouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Harley		Doucette	Mary Ena	Spouse
Thibodeau	Helene		Robichaud	Hubert		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Henriette	Goguen		Germain		Child	
Thibodeau	Henriette	Goguen		Germain		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Henriette Thecl	Bourgeois	Pierre Nabor	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Hermogene	Doucet		Ovina		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Hilare		Doucet		Lucrece		Spouse
Thibodeau 	Honore		Cormier		Marie Helene	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Horice		Doucet		Hermina		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Hortense	Doucet		Gustave		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Howard Joseph	Trahan		Alvenia Rose	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Howard Ray	Menard		Patricia Gail	Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Isabelle	Thibodeau	Benjamin	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Isaie		Doucet		Elizabeth	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	James C 	Schroder	Ruth		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Janette		Singer		Richard		Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Jean		LeBlanc		Marie		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Jean						Child	
Thibodeau	Jean Baptiste	Doucet		Marie Josephe	Spouse	
Thibodeau	Jean Baptiste	Dugas		Marguerite	Spouse	
Thibaudet	Jean Baptiste	Rheault		Marguerite	Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Jean Baptiste					Child	
Thibodaux	Jean Prosper	Toups		Mathilde	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Jean Claire	Thibodeaux	Glenn F		Child	
Thibodeau	Jeanne		Cormier		Pierre		Spouse	
Thibodeau 	Jeanne		Doucet		Jean J 		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Jeffery Michael	Abate		Tiffany Renee	Child	
Thibodeaux	Jeffery Paul					Child	
Thibodeaux	Jerry						Child	
Thibodeaux	Joann 		Young		Carl Ray	Spouse	
Thibodeau	John		Dowcett		Barbara		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	John Hugh	Kinnamon	Olive		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Joseph		Bourque		Anne		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Joseph		DesRoches	Lisette		Spouse
Thibodeau	Joseph		Savoie		Ann Marie	Child	
Thibodeaux	Joseph Aaron					Child	
Thibodeau	Joseph Edmond	unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Joseph Louis	Roger		Marie Edmonia	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Joseph Moise	Breaux		Leonise		Child	
Thibodeaux	Joseph Ray	Veronie		Betty Grace	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Josephine	Doucet		Edmond		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Josephine Clara	Sides		John Andrew	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Judy		Young		Reginald James	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Julia		Doucet		Emile		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Julie		Martin		Francois Xavier	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Justin Mathew					Child
Thibodeaux	Kathy						Child
Thibodeaux	Kaylie Rose					Child
Thibodeaux	Kent		Thibodeaux	Vicki		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	LaDonna						Child 	
Thibodeaux	Lauren Elizabet	Potier		John Jason	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Laurette					Child
Thibodeaux	Leander  	Doucet		Bernella	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Leona						Child
Thibodeaux	Lisa Ann 	Fontenot	Tim		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Lisa Ann 	Quibodeaux	Terry James	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Liz						Child	
Thibodeaux	Lodice J	Blanchard	Belle		Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Lorenzo						Child
Thibodeaux	Lorraine					Child
Thibodeaux	Lorrie						Child 	
Thibodeaux	Lucien		Broussard	Aureline	Child 	
Thibodeaux	Lucien		Broussard	Aureline	Spouse 	
Thibodeau	Lucien						Child
Thibodeaux	Lucille		Cormier		Curley Louis	Spouse	Parent
Thibaudet	Madeleine	Destroismaisons	Louis		Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Madeleine	Gallant		Maximin		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Marc 		Bourque		Marie		Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Marc 		Bourque		Marie		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Margie		Doucet		Herbert		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau 	Marguerite	Boudreau	Ambroise	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Marguerite	Bourque		Fabien		Child	
Thibodeau	Marguerite	Bourque		Fabien		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Marguerite	Broussard	Alexndre	Child	
Thibodeau	Marguerite	Cormier		Francois	Child	
Thibodeau	Marguerite	Leger		Andre		Child	
Thibidau	Maria		Dousset		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Marie		Doucet		Firmin		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Marie		Doucet		Noe		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Marie		Gary		Issac  		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Marie		Gary		Issac		Child	
Thibodeau	Marie		Granger		Pierre		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Marie		LeJeune		Pierre		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Marie Angelique					Child	
Thibodeau	Marie Hermgene	Toups		Theogene Gervai	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Marie Josephe	Breaux		Alexis		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Marie Josephe	Martin		Pierre		Child	
Thibodeaux	Marie Josephe	Pitre		Francois	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Marie Julia	Leger		Clinton		Child	
Thibodeaux	Marie Leonises	Gaudet		Charles Gaston	Child	
Thibodeau	Marie Louise	Robichaud	Othon		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Marie Louise					Child	
Thibodeaux	Marie Lula	Comeaux		Artelus		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Marie Madeleine	Girouard	Charles		Child	
Thibodeau	Marie Madeleine	Goguen		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Marie Melanie	Roger		Francois	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Marie Melanie	Roger		Francois	Child 	Parent
Thibodeaux	Marlene						Child	
Thibodeau	Mary C		Doucette	Henry Xavier	Spouse
Thibodeaux	Mary Elta	Fruge		Dudley John	Spouse	Parent
Thibideau	Mary Paula	Audet		Charles Henri	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Mathe		Doucet		Brigitte AlphedaSpouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Mathew Wade					Child	
Thibodeau	Maxime		Caissie		Henriette	Child	
Thibodeau	Maxime		Caissie		Henriette	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Melanie						Child	
Thibodeaux	Michael Ray	Copeland	Rene Laura	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Michael Wayne	Corcoran	Sharron Anne	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Michael Wayne	Franklin	Jo Ann		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Michael Wayne	Jameson		Julie Charlette	Child	Parent
Thibodeau 	Michel		Dugas		Agnes		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Michel						Child	
Thibodeaux	Monica Lynn 	Menard		Craig		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Monica Lynn 	Morvant		Julius 		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Monica Lynn 	Russell		William Terry	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Nicholas Duane					Child	
Thibodeaux	Norma Jeanne	Monticello	Samuel Angelo	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Odele		Matte		Amos		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Oliver		DesRoches	Susanne  	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Oliver		Melancon	Magdeleine	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Ozia		Comeaux		Theoluce	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Ozite		Martin		Chezimen	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Parker Alexander				Child
Thibodeaux	Philipe		Gary		Rosa		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Philogene	Doucet		Armance		Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Philogene L	Doucet		Azamie		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Pierre		Belliveau	Marie		Child	
Thibodeau	Pierre		Belliveau	Marie		Spouse	
Thibodeau	Pierre		Richard		Marguerite	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Pierre  	Smith		Melda		Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Pierre		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Pierre Charles	Bourg 		Madelaine Adela	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Pierre Oliver	unknown		unknown		Child 	Parent
Thibodeau	Placide  	Richard		Marguerite	Child	
Thibodeau	Placide 	Richard		Marguerite	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Rachel Ann	Robbins		Lane		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Randall Joseph	Trahan		Julie Lynn	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Richard						Child	
Thibodeau	Rita						Child
Thibodeaux	Robert		Hewett		Charlene Ann	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Robert		unknown		Betty		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Robert						Child	
Thibodeaux	Robert Lee	Andrepont	Theresa		Child 	Parent
Thibodeaux	Ronnie		Doucet		Candice		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Rosalie		Martin		Jean Balthasar	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Rosalie Basile	Bergeron	Alexis Valere	Spouse	
Thibodeau	Rose		Theriault	Hilaire 	Child	
Thibodeau	Rose		Theriault	Hilaire 	Spouse	
Thibodeau	Rosie		Doucette	John Alden	Spouse
Thibodeau	Sarah		Doucet		Joseph Sylvain	Spouse	
Thibodeaux	Seth						Child	
Thibodeaux	Sharon Lynn	David 		Paul Gary	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Shelby		Crochet		Ethel		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Shelby Ray					Child	
Thibodeaux	Silas		Doucet		Viola Mae	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Spencer 			 		Child	
Thibodeaux	Steven		unknown		unknown		Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Steven Jr					Child	
Thibodeau	Sylvere		Doucet		Celeste		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Tammy		unknown		Greg 		Child 	
Thibodeau	Telephore					Child	
Thibodeaux	Theobert	Doucet		Estella		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Tiffany Jo	Fall		Kevin Gerard	Child	
Thibodeaux	Tonya Marie	Thompson	James Richard	Child	Parent
Thibodeau	Urbain						Child	
Tibideau	Venerante	Doucet		Joviet/Joviti	Spouse	Parent 
Thibodeaux	Vicki		Thibodeaux	Kent		Spouse	Parent
Thibodeaux	Vickie 						Child	
Thibodeau	Victoire	Richard		Francois	Spouse	
Thibodeau	Victoire	Richard		Francois	Child	
Thibodeaux	Victoria	Gautraux	Jean Pierre	Spouse	Parent
Thibodeau	Wade		Gaudet		Michelle	Spouse
Thibodeaux	Wayne  						Child	
Thibodeau	Wilfred						Child
Thibodeaux	Willie Bell	Perrodin	John Berchman	Child	Parent
Thibodeaux	Zachary Silas					Child	
Thiel		Albert		Doucette	Germaine Marie	Spouse	
Thiel		Laurie		Guillory	Jesse Raymond	Spouse	
Thieverge	Julia		Cormier		Joseph Charles	Spouse	Parent
Thirsten	Laurie		Barrett		John		Spouse	Parent
Thistle		George Earl					Child	
Thistle		Jason Owen					Child	
Thistle		Mary Erin					Child	
Thistle		Randolph Randy	Ruth		Barbara Ann	Spouse 	Parent
Thomas		Cory						Child 
Thomas		Haley Hobson Jr	Hewett		Charlene Ann	Spouse	Parent
Thomas		Jackie  	O'Connor	Marilyn		Spouse	Parent
Thomas		Joseph		Gary		Marie		Spouse	
Thomas		Rebecca Ann					Child
Thompson	Andre		Doucet		Nicole 		Spouse	
Thompson	Blake Mathew					Child	
Thompson	Cade Louis					Child	
Thompson	James Richard	Thibodeaux	Tonya Marie	Spouse	Parent
Thompson	Jeanette Ruth	Noel		Allen Wayne	Spouse	Parent
Thompson	Jordon Kendall					Child	
Thompson	Karen		Hubbard		Robert Dwayne	Spouse	Parent
Thompson	Kelli Nicole					Child	
Thompson	Kent  		Dietz		Monica Lynne	Spouse	Parent
Thompson	Lynette		Doucette	Ronnie		Spouse	Parent
Thompson	Megan Marie					Child	
Thompson	Michael J 					Child	
Thompson	Michael S	Cormier		Carol Jean	Spouse	Parent
Thompson	Philip		Doucet		Minnie		Spouse	
Thompson	William II	White		Katherine Elain	Spouse	Parent
Thompson	William III					Child	
Thornton	Jenny						Child


Tibbetts	Clinton		Dugas		Mary Louise	Spouse
Tidmarsh	Earl Ted	Perry		Roma		Spouse	Parent
Tidmarsh	JoAnn						Child 	
Tidmarsh	Roxanne						Child	
Tidwell		Charles		Zeigler		Suzanne		Spouse	Parent
Tidwell		David Hoyt					Child	
Tilley		Beau Alan	Brookins	Alecia Sarah	Child 	
Tilley		Lance Micah					Child	
Tilley		Seth Shane					Child	
Tilley		Terry Benjamin	Janies		Donna Karen	Spouse	Parent
Timmers		Ted						Child	
Timmers		Theodore	Berig		Theresa		Spouse	Parent
Timoneau	Marguerite	Daigle		Timeteo		Spouse	Parent
Tinkham		Elizabeth	Doucette	Isaiah		Spouse	Parent
Tipton		Delores Ann	Legere		Joseph Edward	Spouse	Parent
Titus		David M		Doucette	Lorraine Laura	Spouse


Tlett		Rick		Blanchard	Anita		Spouse


Tobin		Anastasia	Young		John		Spouse	Parent
Toews		Gaylord Wayne	Schulenborg	Marie Jeannine	Spouse	Parent
Toews		Lisa Yvonne					Child	
Toews		Warren John					Child	
Toker		Megan						Child	
Toker		Rick		Gervais		Teena		Spouse	Parent
Tolland		Margaret	Doucet		Leonard		Spouse	Parent
Tolman		Peter		Blay		Sharon		Spouse	Parent
Tolman		Peter						Child
Tomlison	Cynthia Gay	Mere		Louis Jr	Spouse	Parent
Toole		Ellen		Pendergrast	Patrick		Spouse	Parent
Torres		Caiyen						Child
Torres		Carol		White		Michael		Spouse	Parent
Torres		Colton						Child	
Torres		James		Jeffers		Krisa Kaye	Spouse	Parent
Tosh		Karin		Colligan 	Lance		Spouse	Parent
Touchet		Mable Marie	Crochet		Jessie		Spouse 	Parent
Toups		Adonis		Toups		Elizabeth Marie	Spouse	
Toups		Bertha  	Gaudet		Oliver		Spouse	
Toups		Bridgitte					Child	
Toups		Caroline	Ledet		Sivest Leo	Child	
Toups		Edmond Francois					Child	
Toups		Elizabeth Marie	Toups		Adonis		Child	
Toups		Henriette Louis	Ford		James Joseph	Child	Parent
Toups		Henry						Child	
Toups		Marguerite					Child	
Toups		Marie						Child	
Toups		Mathilde	Thibodaux	Jean Prosper	Child	Parent
Toups		Olezie		Gaudet		child		Spouse	
Toups		Terrence					Child	
Toups		Terry		Marroy		Marie Louise	Spouse	
Toups		Theogene Gervai	Thibodeau	Marie Hermgene	Spouse	Parent
Toups		Victoria	Ledet		Pierre		Child	
Toups		Victorine	Hebert		Francois	Spouse	
Toups		Zepherin	Gaudet		girl		Spouse	
Tourangeau	Angelique	Hamelin		Jaques		Spouse	Parent
Tourette	Alexander	Benoit		Marie Ellen	Spouse	
Tourigny	Marie Anne	Doucet		Joseph Louis	Spouse	Parent
Toussiguan	Pierre		Doucet		Marie Julie	Spouse
Toutant		Mark		Doucette	Michelle Alice	Spouse
Toutant		Napoleon	Doucet		Vitaline	Spouse	
Toutant		Wilbrod		Doucet		Parmelie	Spouse	
Townsend	Brett Gabriel	Daigle		Anna Maria	Spouse	Parent
Townsend	Chad Michael					Child	
Townsend	Dek Emmanuel					Child	
Townsend	Eva Darnell	Doucet		John Patrick	Spouse	
Townsend	Gord		Doucette	Kyla		Spouse	Parent
Townsend	Harry						Child	
Townsend	Isabel						Child	
Townsend	Norman 						Child 	
Tozer		Kathryn Anne	Estey		Frederick AlexisSpouse	Parent


Trahan		Albert		Doucet		Emma		Spouse	
Trahan		Alexandre	LeJeune		Marguerite	Spouse	
Trahan		Allen Joseph	Broussard	Bonita		Child  	Parent
Trahan		Allen Joseph	Broussard	Bonita		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Alvenia Rose	Thibodeaux	Howard Joseph	Child	Parent
Trahan		Amy						Child	
Trahan		Anita		Leger		Jean Delma	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Anna		Doucet		Samuel		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Anne Genevieve	Duhon		Honore		Child	
Trahan		Anne Marie	LeJeune		Germain		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Anne Pelagie	Gautreaux	Charles		Child	Parent
Trahan		Azelia		Mattrejean	Auguste		Spouse	
Trahan		Benjamin	LeJeune		Athanase	Spouse	
Trahan		Brian Kurt	unknown		Bridget		Child	
Trahan		Brigette	Daley		Alan Paul	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Brigette	Thibodeaux	Arcene		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Buzzy Charles	Daspit		Jennifer	Spouse	
Trahan		Carolyn Yvonne	Bertrand	Wes Paul	Child  	Parent
Trahan		Charles		LeJeune		Celestine Marie	Spouse	
Trahan		Charles John	Theunissen	Connie Ann	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Claudias	Doucet		Lucia		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Danelle		Daigle		Kenneth Ray	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Darlene		Richard		Mitchell	Child	Parent
Trahan		Darren Wade					Child	
Trahan		David Lee	Andrepont	Gloria Jean  	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Dion		unknown		Cherie		Child	
Trahan		Edward		Crochet		Yvonne		Spouse	
Trahan		Francisca Maria	LeJeune		Alexis Simon	Spouse	
Trahan		Francois	Melancon	Angelique	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		James		LeBleu		Tamatha Kay	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		James Larry	Breaux		Esther Lou	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Janis Kay	Myers		Keith James	Child	Parent
Trahan		Janis Kay	Williford	Frank		Child	Parent
Trahan		Jean Baptiste					Child	
Trahan		Jean Chrysostom	Granger		Anne Francoise	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Joseph		Granger		Anne		Spouse	
Trahan		Juanita		Daigle		Uran J		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Jules		Daigle		Elta		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Julie Lynn	Thibodeaux	Randall Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Kernis Jean	Daigle		Altia		Child	
Trahan		Leewood		Doucet		Lou 		Spouse
Trahan		Lillie		Doucet		Robert Carl	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Louis		Babineaux	Marie Estelle	Spouse 	Parent
Trahan		Lovenia Eva	Dockins		Harold Clayton	Child	Parent
Trahan		Madeleine	Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Madeleine	Hebert		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Madeleine	Hebert		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Magdaleine	Doucet		Francois	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Margarite	Mattrejean	Joseph		Child	Parent
Trahan		Marguerite	Doucet		Joseph Duprelon	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Marguerite	LeJeune		Jean Baptiste	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Marie Advelia	Doucet		Jean "Meance"	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Marie Anastasie	Terriau		Joseph		Spouse	
Trahan		Marie Marguerit	Martin		Louis		Spouse 	Parent
Trahan		Mattheau Gunner					Child
Trahan		Maxie Alexander					Child  	
Trahan		Olivier		LeJeune		Isabelle	Spouse	
Trahan		Owen		Lopez		Cheran		Spouse	
Trahan		Paul Benjamin	LeJeune		Cecile		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Pierre  	Gary		Adia		Spouse	
Trahan		Pierre Simon	Granger		Marie Joseph	Spouse	
Trahan		Rayln		Breaux		Christine	Child 	Parent
Trahan		Rene 		Melancon	Marguerite Jose	Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Ryan						Child 	
Trahan		Selina		Doucet		Paulin		Spouse	Parent
Trahan		Tonya Leigh					Child	
Trahan		Travis John					Child	
Trainor		Kimber Lee	McKinnon	Kevin Leo	Spouse	Parent
Travis		Doree		Belzil 		John Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Trawick		Genella		Doucet		Aaron Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Traylor		Sue		Devillier	James Nolan	Spouse	Parent
Treadeau	Florida		Doucette	William		Spouse	Parent
Treherne/O'Conn	Olga		Doucet		Jean Lucien	Spouse	Parent
Tremblay	Adam 						Child	
Tremblay	Alex						Child	
Tremblay	Beverly		Morrissey	James		Spouse	Parent
Tremblay	Blair						Child 	
Tremblay	Colin						Child	
Tremblay	Jean 		Morin		Jody 		Spouse	Parent
Tremblay	Laucadie	Doucet		Simeon		Spouse	Parent
Tremblay	Lilianne	Belzil 		George Beaudin	Spouse	Parent
Tremblay	Marie		Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Tremblay	Marie Anne	Doucet		Joseph		Spouse	Parent
Tremblay	Phil		Perry		Aurella Catheri	Spouse	Parent
Tremblay	Ronnie		Gaudet		Patsy		Spouse	Parent
Tremblay	Sarah 						Child	
Tremblay	Sherry						Child
Tremblay	Solange		Noel		Edouard		Spouse	
Tremblay	Tammy						Child	
Trembley	Joseph		Doucet		Luce		Spouse	
Trempe		Michel		Guitard		Helene		Spouse	Parent
Trevors		Krista Dawn	Estey		Dale John	Spouse	Parent
Trevors		Phyllis		Murphy		Herbert Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Trickey		Jane		Doucette	Edouard  	Spouse	Parent
Trimmer		Roberta Jean	Doucet		Theodore Freder	Spouse	Parent
Triola		Charles		Doucet		Margaret Essie	Spouse	Parent
Triola		Charles						Child	
Triola		Gary						Child	
Tripplett	Loretta		Fregia		J F		Spouse	Parent
Trosclaire	Drauzin		Doucet		Marie Laugenza	Spouse	
Trotter		Eleonore	Doucet 		Pascal		Spouse	Parent
Trottier	Alain						Child
Trottier	Antoine		Gagnon		Marie Anne	Spouse	
Trottier	Alain						Child
Trottier	Kacia						Child
Trottier	Krystal						Child
Trottier	Luc		Doucet		Mireille	Spouse	Parent
Trottier	Manon		Martinet	Stephane	Child	Parent
Trottier	Marc		Falcon		Denise		Child	Parent	
Trottier	Mary		Doucet		David		Spouse	Parent
Trovenche	Elizabette	Doucette	unknown		Spouse	Parent
Trudeau		Eugene		Doucet		Veronique	Spouse	Parent 
Trudeau		Georgette	Doucet		Gilbert		Spouse	
Trudeau		Louise		DuPuis		Normand		Spouse	Parent
Trudeau		Malvina		Lebel		Joseph Adonis	Child
Trudeau		Rita Andree	Doucette	Leonard Joseph	Spouse	Parent
Trudel		Francine					Child	
Trudel		Guylaine					Child	Parent
Trudel		Josephine	Doucet		Joseph Andre	Spouse	Parent
Trudel		Marie Eve					Child	
Trudel		Nathalie					Child	
Trudel		Roger		Doucet		Huguette	Spouse	Parent
Trumel		Dora		Doucet		Harry		Spouse
Trump		Alice		Doucet		Martin		Spouse	Parent
Trumps		Bertha		Doucet		Adam Charles	Spouse	
Truscello	Edward		Meuse		Jean		Spouse	


Tucker		Cathy Jo	Elliott		Lewis Harry	Spouse	Parent
Tucker		Johnny		unknown		unknown		Child
Tucker		Shellie						Child
Tulhier		Jean Marie	Dupuis		Elizabeth	Spouse	
Tullier		Leola Eve	Bourg		Lawrence Joseph	Spouse	
Tullier		Sheila Ann	Doucet		David Craig	Spouse	Parent
Tullos		Fred B		Doucette	Mary Wilma	Spouse	Parent
Tullos		Linda Faye	Winfree		Charles Julius	Child	Parent
Tullos		Phyllis Kay	Chaumont	Vincent		Child	Parent
Tullos		Phyllis Kay	Young		Larry		Child	Parent
Turbide		Elise		Arsenault	Amedee		Spouse	Parent
Turcotte	Alain		Mongrain	Line		Spouse	Parent
Turcotte	Alexandre					Child	
Turcotte	Elzer		Doucette	Lawrence	Spouse	Parent
Turcotte	Henry L		Doucette	Rose		Spouse	
Turcotte	Philippe	Doucet		Lucy Ann	Spouse	
Turmel		Janet		Morin		Gary		Spouse	Parent
Turnage		Jack Y		Doucette	Eleonora Louise	Spouse	Parent
Turnage		Jacqueline Eleo	Syma		Kevin Scott	Child	Parent
Turnage		Lorraine Louise	Wolf		Thomas Gregory	Child	Parent
Turnage		Teresa Marie	Rymer		Donald Carroll	Child	Parent
Turner		Myrtle		Doucet		Gregoire	Spouse	Parent
Turpin		Robin		Shea		Quinlan J III	Spouse	
Turrin		Danny		Caron		Michele		Child
Turrin		Ezio		Doucet		Francoise	Spouse	Parent
Turrin		Nicolas						Child
Tuthill		Debra Annette	Neal		Richard James	Spouse	Parent
Tutty		James		Quinn		Catherine	Spouse	


Tweedel		Morgan Bethany					Child	
Twing		Gerald Calvin	Doucet		Antoinette Mari	Spouse	


Tygrett		Danny Patrick	King		Robbyn Rene	Child 	
Tygrett		Donna Kaye	Knight		Greg		Child 	Parent
Tygrett		Donna Kaye	Stovall		Gary		Child 	Parent
Tygrett		Gregory Dean					Child	
Tygrett		Hoyt Kegley	Andrus		Eula Mae	Spouse	Parent
Tygrett		Jaime Lynne					Child
Tygrett		Jerry Dwayne	Latham		Alisha Grace	Child	
Tygrett		Shaina Renae					Child
Tygrett		Wendy Grace					Child
Tyler		Michael Brandon	Conners		Megan Beth	Spouse	Parent

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